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The two countersink holes in the forward set of mounting holes for the adapter plate to screw through to the damper plate are to use the damper plate in the 98mm position with the damper plate on top. It should not matter whether the nuts are on top or below, I install the nuts low to lower the center of gravity marginally.

What you need to use the countersink screw for is through the damper arm into the post which holds the discs, and keep that arm as low as possible. A little threadlock (purple) on the screw will help prevent it from loosening from vibration. Due to its location, this is a difficult screw to tighten after the fact, especially with the flaw in the damper arm in that it moves. I used blue thread lock inside the entire cavity that the arm sits in on the mount, and let it sit for a day, it has not budged since. However, this makes it locked in position, which is why threadlock is even more important for the damper post screw since you would need to remove the motor for access (not an easy feat with the damper arm in the lowest position.

With this scale, every detail cannot be overlooked, but with a keen eye and patience, even flawed products can perform admirably. This mount is a very good performing one, with the only real drawbacks being the damper arm wobble and gear capacity restriction.
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