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Originally Posted by DanDan View Post
If there is demand, is there any chance for a 50t class? (either 50t fixed gear or 50t pan car)

How about F1?
Looking at the scheduling of the All 5 min triple Mains, there wouldn't be room to add a 3rd class.

You figure 5 rounds of qualifying and then each main has 15min of racing total. And last year 70t went to what an 'E' main, and Mod was a 'C' or 'D'. Doesn't sound like much but if you have 9 heats, that's 2 hours and 15 min of races. Not including your time between heats, and between rounds, control practices etc...

Plus that will give some people time to walk around the show, and not doing it last minute like last year. If Sunday is just racing... maybe we will get an hour lunch to walk around. I would say that was one downside to last year. For me it was run around the last hour of the show and check things out lol.

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