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Well my first recommends are to get the handling of the car good before you put some more speed to it... I will go for this list...

1. Tires
2. Carbon-Fibre H-Plate for the suspension
3. Ball-Diff, makes the car much more stabile during acceleration
4. Ball Bearings, the car runs smoother and alot of the "slob" in the wheels dissapears and it runs more silent..
5. Roll-shocks, springs and suspention options and when you have perfect balance in your car you can add some speed...

You can run it with a x-speed motor or even better the custom motor mini-z sells here in the shop.. After this you can upgrade the car even further with a "Turbo" who gives the car even more speed and acceleration.. Some motors requires turbo to prevent the internal esc of the Z to burn but with the X-Speed or mini-z "Custom Ball-bearing motor" your all safe...

*Its much of a taste when you should add speed on your Z but i always give the tip to improve handling first because if you add alot of speed on a car that doesent run well you actually gets alower and it gets even more impossible to drive...

Then there is tons of options and thats what makes our little cars so funny
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