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Flip Side Racing 12.12

I have posted a new release of Flip Side Racing on my website. You can download version 12.12 from here:

This build is mostly bug fixes or small tweaks, though I have introduced a new race mode called Drag Race. This mode is intended for things like drag races or rally courses. The way it works is that when the race starts it will count the time up until you cross the lap counter. It will keep counting up until either the timeout is hit or you click end since it has no way of knowing how many racers their are. This mode may still be tweaked some based on feedback from other people.

A major change is that some of the fields such as name support foreign characters now. I may still need to adjust some things but I have some basic logic preventing entering characters that could cause problems, like having a , in the name field.

Another major addition is LapZ hardware support. I have only had 1 club so far report back that it is working properly so I would appreciate more feedback.

While I have been working on the event manager and wanted to include it in my next public release I need to post this before I am done because there are enough other changes that people need. But it is still my main focus and will continue to be until I get it done enough to post.

Below is a list of the changes people would notice. If anyone has problems with this build please let me know.

New Features
  • Drag race mode added
  • LapZ hardware support

  • Some fields such as name should now support foreign characters
  • Maximum timeout value is now 99999 seconds or about 28 hours
  • Removed limit causing you to have to have a minimum lap time or time limit of at least 1
  • Theme now converts pictures to png before storing them in the database
  • Removed logic that prevented you from ending a race during the countdown
  • Main window changed to use the background color, so if you have a small background or transparent one you will see the background color

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug causing you to not be able to use keyboard entry for lap counting on some Mac's. Unfortunately this causes me to have to remove the full screen feature that could be used on Lion. This is a problem with a library I use, when they fix the bug then I will add my code back in for this feature
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the speech to use the . separator for regions that used , for decimals. This caused lap times to say things like 9 thousand instead of 9 point 000 in some cases
  • Fixed bug that caused the program to show the wrong translation file name after it is relaunched even though it loaded the correct one
  • Fixed bug where if you sorted the edit racers field names on the general config screen when using a non-English language computer and then selected them the edit racers screen would not show or hide the correct fields
  • Fixed bug that did not allow computers that used a , decimal separator to specify decimals in the time limit or min lap time fields
  • Updated some text to use theme coloring
  • Fixed bug on Mac's that could prevent them from saving a picture to the database
  • Fixed some text that needed to use translations instead of English

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