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what are my Mini-Zs worth?

Hi all,

i have been out of this hobby for a long time and I have come to decide to start getting rid of them. I have 1 mr01, 2 mr02, 1 mr015, 2 AWD and tons of auto-scales NIB and slightly used to go with them. only 1 of the awd is pretty standard the rest are all modded, but never competed or really raced. I'm thinking about just keeping my modded awd and a couple bodies that fits on it.

I'm curious how much would they be worth if any and how should i go about pricing them? I know there are some auto-scales that i have are pretty rare back then, but not sure about now.

any kind of feedback would be welcome. are there particular auto-scale that people are still after? I will try to pull them out of the storage boxes and get some pictures. I think some of the stuff i still have you can see in my old photo album on the forum.

thanks all.
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