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That is very unfortunate but understandable on your end. I wish trp would be more cooperative as giro-z is a very common system for sponsored events thus many have it and or transponders.

The program was behaving very oddly in that it would announce rank changes when no one was at the finish line. It would not report lap times accurately in that it would count the lap but the lap times are not correct.
I did not see this issue at home on win7 or I was not able to run simulations close enough to actual race conditions. Winxp however was sketchy right out of the gate.

One particular thing is on occasion, randomly, the tone for a driver crossing the line would sound double tones vs a single tone. It was not adding multiple laps as far as I could tell but one of many odd things that were happening.

Again, I'm sorry you are not getting the cooperation needed to accommodate giro-z. I certainly understand the issue and will continue to support flip side even if we can't run it.
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