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At the top of the forum page you will see a tab named shop. That is our benefactor, Tiny Though they are decently stocked they may not always have available what you need so go there first. After that you are pretty much on your own. Shopping with Kyosho directly is a good bet as well and then there is RC Kenon which has always been a really good place to shop. Just don't get blinded by the bling. Ask around before selecting anything.

All of the 2wd chassis will adjust from basically 90mm to 102mm wheelbase with various motor placement options as well. There are wide and narrow adjustments for track width as well. The most popular configuration remains to be 98mm, wide, mid motor. The wheel offsets are governed by the individual body which is up to you. You will want something in a +1 front +2 rear or a +2 front and +3 rear for the best steering balance. For tires you will want to stick to Kyosho 30 front and 20 rear. There are many other options out there but batch to batch consistency can be a concern as well as excessive wear characteristics. With the Kyosho rubber you have stability in the tire department. For batteries any good grade of AAA rechargeables with a MAH rating of 1000 or less will get you going. Anything rated higher will give you run time but less power and punch.
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