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if you like to tinker, you could build a car relatively inexpensively. you can start with the PN 2.5W chassis and pick up various parts kits to obtain the stock parts needed (steering box). electronics are personal preference. you can go with a kyosho board, any variant of DSM carried by PN, ASF by GL Racing or GOGO Lap, etc. if you can find a damaged board to steal the switch, servo and pot from, the ASF clone board is a good option but you need the switch, servo motor and pot.
from that point, your picking parts based on preference and depth of your wallet

if you interested in AWD, do more reading... there are any number of aftermarket chassis kits these days that offer very compelling performance.

if your set on building off of one or the other kits linked, the VE Pro GP limited offers more parts, speed, etc.
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