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2017 December Duke Out Results

What an action packed racing weekend!
At the end 8 drivers & 17 entires in 3 classes !

Thanks to Thao for making it down here from NorCal and showing us all how it's done in our signature Super stock class.

Detailed race by race results are posted here & cascading drop down menus are your best friend on this site for finding sheets for each run.

** due to how we score our 2 heats of super stock rounds we are not following a pre progranmed format in the software and therefore have to calculate the final results manually which is posted below. Final results for Super Stock ONLY is not correct on the website (& therefore no graphic below) but individual results form all heats and qualifying for Super Stock are correct on the Zround site..

Final Super Stock Ranking Results and Videos:

Super Stock Videos: Round 1 B sort / Round 1 A sort / Round 2 B sort / Round 2 A sort / Round 3 B sort / Round 3 A sort

1. Thao
2. Alex
3. Paul
4. Charles
5. Bob
6. Philip Sun
7. Jules
8. Pascal

Formula 1 Results & available Videos for :

Formula 1 Videos: Round 1 / / /Round 3

90MM Results and available Videos

90MM Videos: Round 1/ Round 2

Before then Open Practice Every 1st Sunday of the month, NEXT ONE >> January 1st, 2018.
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