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there was discussion the last race of opening up a new class; 94mm, PN3500KV motor class. this could be in rotation with our 86-90mm open class giving us another class to run when participation numbers allow. The discussion was to restrict this further to a specific 94mm white body and while i have no problem with that, it has not proven to get wide acceptance in the past incarnations. body types that were mentioned were ferrari 430 gtc or 360 gtc, both easily available and hobby works would stock these if needed. it would be limited to white body, which could be painted if desired but focused on least expensive entry cost vs. an autoscale. the balance of options would be an open class in my opinion as we already have a stock class, a true mod class, HFAY class and 86-90mm open class.

depending on chassis selection, this could be a HFAY legal car as well meaning you wouldn't need a separate car for this class.

looking for everyone chime in! like it, not like it, indifferent?
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