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Ok fellas, I just picked up the QteQ diff but I'm needing a little help in choosing the rest of the components to make the lightest ball diff, WITHOUT having to use spacers or do any sanding, etc.

First off, I should mention I need to get close to the final drive of the stock 44T spur and 8Tpinion combo, which is 5.5

The closest I can get using Reflex Racing's 64p delrin spur gears is a 5.3 using the 53T spur and 10T pinion. Might be ok.

Question #1 - Is the 64p/53T spur smaller overall in diameter than the stock Kyosho 44T spur? I ask because when my tires are worn down to the optimal grip level, the stock spur is already close to rubbing the ground. If the 64p/53T is bigger, it'll rub.

Question #2 - What 64p pinions to use with Reflex Racing 64p spur (I see that Reflex Racing doesn't make pinions).

Questoin #4 - Which diff rings would have less sticking action with the Reflex spur, the stock Kyosho, or medium weight Reflex Racing rings (which are still lighter than stock)?

Question #3 - If the Reflex Racing spur will "stick" with either rings, than I'll use the Kyosho spur. Are the medium weight Reflex Racing rings compatible withoguh spacers/sanding, etc?

Question #4 - Which pinion is better foir the stock Kyosho spur, Kyosho delrin or PN pro match?

Shaft - I'm looking at the PN Racing MR2045UL shaft. Seems to be the lightest of the bunch at 1.29 grams.

Balls - Ceramic, or Carbon Ceramic?

I was leanign towards the Reflex medium weight rings, with the Reflex delrin spur, but I don't want any sticking.

Please advise.

- Paulie
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