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Maybe I am daft, but what exactly are we sanding/shimming?

My experience is limited compared to you guys, but I have blueprinted two different diffs and had good results with both..

1) ATM with 64 pitch gears. Wet sanded the rings was basically all I did and it worked nicely. Didn't have any strange handling problems.

2) 3Racing with standard pitch. I followed the Reflex Racing Ball diff artcile: Wet sanded rings, and CA glued them to the back plates(using D rings, but there is a little play so I figured CA couldn't hurt). Again, this diff works nicely.

I'm looking forward to the RR article showing what is going on here... I'm assuming that the spur is hitting the plates and causing major problems.

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Without sanding or shimming, none of the 64p gears will work. Then what is the point of going through the work of building the diff if you dont have the best parts in there. Spend a little time and effort in building the diff the right way now, and it will pay off on the track.
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