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Was everyone afraid of the rain today?

We had 11 drivers total, and a lot of fun. There was a C main of two drivers; both young guys. Not sure their names, but it was a fun race to marshal

Courtney took the B from Jose in a really close race, and both ran really nice races.

Saint was up from maryland, and he qualified in 5th in the A, I was in 4th, and I'm not sure the qualifying order of the top three: Richie, Gary, and someone in a wickedly fast yellow mucielago, sorry, don't know your name. Richie won, mucielago in 2nd, saint in 3rd, myself in 4th, and gary 5th due to mechanical problems.

Was a good time, hope to see you next week.

And another thing. There is a new layout at BKH, and it is GREAT. Rather than the double 's' turns there is a very tight chicane. I think the track is much more interesting to drive as I found the old layout a bit repetitive.

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