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I like that quote. I will be 42 in May and here I am enjoying the wonderful world of Mini-Z's and dNaNo's! Nothing wrong at all with a larger track for the dNaNo's. These things are very fast and can use the room. I know I said in one of my previous post's that my track was 6x12 and I thought that was about the right size. I might double it......I might not. I do have enough mats to do so. I know that I get to the end of that 12' straight in a blink of an eye. But as you said about the steering being "extremely sensitive" it gets around the 6x12 track very well. I couldn't believe the difference the tires made. I mean that car was sticking and taking everything as fast as I could drive it. I was getting quick and smooth laps for the most part. I don't know why I am surprised by the tire difference, I should have known that with the experience I have running Z's. I think my next upgrade will be the diff and then bearings. I am sure that I will probably try a damper system, but like I said- I don't have a problem with the rear end chatter on the eva foam like I did at the HT track. I agree with the speed and how much we all like it. Who knows, I may keep it the same width and just make it a total of 24' long......I got the room!
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