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Some people claim there is problems with the spur hitting the diff plates. This is practically impossible if the differential is rotating, due to centrifugal forces.

The side-to-side slop was something we noticed after we made the spurs with certain combination of brands of shafts/diff plates (all the axles have different spacing and they all have different thickness diff rings). This slop can cause excessive vibration, but this is easily fixed by simply installing a couple of washers on the axle to take up some of the slack on the axle. This does make the diff perform much better. Since all diffs are different, there is no "standard" number of shims that needs to be used, but there is a procedure on how to do it better. This should be up on the Reflex Site by tomorrow night.

On the V2 version of the spurs, we are "machining in" the spacer. This should lead to a much truer spinning spur and also much easier to use.
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