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Different coded / keyed Kyosho RCP and normal RCP?


today I got a Kyosho expansion set for my original RCP Track (2 * Wide L 50) and the surprise was big. The connection didn't work to the other plates. Only rough side to blank side would fit. Was it a mistake in production or wanted Kyosho a "copy protection" for over seas customer?

In the RCP track FAQ was that text:

8) (Q) I live outside the US and shipping is too high to send tracks overseas. Will they be available outside the US. (A) Yes, we are currently manufacturing some custom tracks and layouts for Kyosho. They will be distributing the RCP Tracks in most countries outside the US in a few months. The Kyosho/RCP Track will feature the Kyosho label on selected side rails and will incorportate the new PIN design and the finish line print on both sides. Kyosho will offer the RCP Track in two sizes. The first size track will be similar to the US size tile and the second track will incorporate a smaller tile design, so larger configurations can be created in limited spaces. The Mini-tile will have a shorter side rail height, which gives the overall mini-tile track, a more open ride. The mini-tile will measure approx. 11 1/2" x 11 1/2". We will offer blank mini-tiles if the user wants to increase the lane width of the mini-tile track.
So, there should be only the printed kyosho logo as a difference.

Here an Kyosho Germany the product picture of the expansion kit shows the rough side with the right coding (like mine at home, the new Kyosho ones was vice versa coded) They showed for every product the same picture, so that is a picture of the mini 96 expansion set but the coding shoud be equal.

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