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that's not the answer I wanted to hear :-( Now I have more problems I ever wanted to have. How would conversion tiles work on the expansion pack? On every place I want to get wider, I have to use these special patterns. The reason why I chose RCP is first of course the quality and second to be flexible with track layout. And this ends with having two kinds of patterns.

The problem is, that my local dealer only ordered this Kyosho pack because I wanted him to do this for me. So there is no chance to give it back. He could not sell it to another customer (who uses Japan tiles) because he normally only sells helicopters. And I don't believe Kyosho takes the pack back, because they think, that's the dealers problem. There fault is to have the wrong product photo, normally they should take the product back.

What makes me disappointed and angry is, that I did everything to inform me, before I ordered the kit, if everything is compatible. The Kyosho picture was ok, and in your FAQ here was written that everything is the same despite the kyosho logo :-(

Do you have a solution? I could sell the kit, but I will loose a lot of money, because in Germany there are very little people driving Mini-Z, more less people uses RCP, because carpet is cheaper and so more popular, and from that less people the most ordered in Spain, because TRP had the track in stock, where Kyosho had one delay after another. And IF I could sell it, where do I get the right US / Spain expansion kit? TRP does not have it and could not deliver :-(

Selling the two Spain Wide L and the Diagonal Kit for buying Original Kyosho makes no sense, because Kyosho isn't able the deliver an Kyosho diagonal kit. I think i burned around 450 $ today or 299 Euro, that's the price Kyosho takes here for it :-(

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