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Originally Posted by blt456 View Post
Most locals at our track use Maha chargers (more than one!) such as the 8-cell and the c9000. Everyone I know who uses these charge and peak, I rarely see any fancy chargers. I personally don't see the need to buy an expensive charger and wire 4 individual trays to it or modify a PN/ATM tray. My maha charges my batteries just fine...

Why not just get the c9000? You can charge each battery at different settings and you get to see its current charge level and voltage. No one at our track has any issues with maha chargers and I would love to see your proof as to why "the MAHA charger doesn't really do that well for peaking packs."
I have the 9000 as well and it works great. I use it often. When I came to race with you guys I used a maha c401. The need for the multi charger shows value when you race in a stock motor class. The reality is the multi charger isnt really expensive(mine was $80) it just takes up way too much pit space..... When the racing gets so close it is amazing what racers will do to extract more speed.....
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