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Originally Posted by YoYo-Pete View Post
Deca and I are doing 1/10 scale drifting on Sundays.... And if we both agree that if we have to pick one, then 1/10 scale will probably win.
As Dojo master at large, it is my duty to inform you that you are both hereby formally expelled from the Ann Arbor Mini-Z Dojo for bringing shame upon us with your violation of the Dojo kun, which clearly state that no other organization or group may be held above the Dojo. IF you chose to do so, you may rejoin at a probationary level AFTER succesfully defeating a Dojo champion of OUR choosing in an Initial D-style gumtape death match (i.e. your hands are taped to your transmitter!), and swearing your allegiance to the Dojo while denouncing all other GTGs and scales. I suggest you think very seriously about the shame that your words have brought upon our sacred organization!!!

Also, I found your speakers in the box of track-related stuff, so, FYI in case you were wondering where those were...
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