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Hi Guys,
Thanks for replying to my post. It's good to know that the MZR love is out there, it just need a time extension and some stickers/decals.

We're happy to extend the contest through the end of March, which hopefully will give everyone enough extra time to complete their entries.

Regarding MZR stickers and decals, beyond those you already knew were available in the shop, you can also get stickers through Support The Forums in the shop. You select the site you want to support (in this case, obviously,, enter your pledge amount and add it to your cart. The MZR sticker sheet comes with x4 1.5" stickers, x4 1" stickers, and x12 1/2" stickers. They are all black/red lettering on a white background. Quantities are VERY limited though - I only have three MZR sets available.

Alternatively, you can also feel free to use the official 10th Anniversary Stickers on your cars (which we didn't have when the contest was announced). They have the identical logo to what is in the upper right-hand corner of this web page next to the ? car.

So, we look forward to the entries between now and our new deadline - MARCH 31st!
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