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Originally Posted by Spoon
Conflicting opinions openly welcomed.

Phase I - Bare Essentials (Best bang for buck, probably required to make a competitive racer)
  • Tires
  • Bearings
  • Carbon H-plate (MR01/MR02)
  • Damper System

Phase II - Good to have. Helps fine tune handling. Higher Performance.
  • Ball Diff
  • Toe In-Out Rods
  • Camber Knuckles
  • Springs
  • Upgraded motor

Phase III - Durability for Mod Racing and/or Bling
  • alloy motor mount(s)
  • Ti Damper Kits
  • Alloy Knuckles
  • Alloy or Ti Dogbones (MA-010)
If anything I would bump the damper system to a phase II. I know some swear up and down on these, I just think you can get by without it for a bare bones car. Metal wheel nuts would fit there nice though, I like to upgrade those with the bearings. They also save headaches later when you are cleaning the car. When you have one car it would work to trick it out with everything, just when you have a few more cars those hopups add up quick. I figure I am doing good to have ball diffs on all my racer chassis.
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