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Originally Posted by Fische
Any words yet as to the cup in '05? I know it really just ended but I'm itching. So do you want updates on the race scene or do you want me to keep an eye on Crotty for the nats? J/K If I dont qualify at TTH tehn I will see you guys at that race. Any word on where that is going to be held this year? hopefully Vegas or Chicago.
There have been a ton of dicussions about the cup, but Mike received a call from the folks putting on the Cup, and they said it was cancelled. Mike was slated to host, and they called to let him know.

I think that this year, the cup is on, but shops are on their own to come up with a timing system, and Alex will not be making the rounds, and I think he said the following year is going way of the do-do bird, and gone completely. Not sure why that decision, not like they were giving away prizes on the level of Radioshack.

He will be planning on hosting a large race at the Thumb, more details on that to come...will not be Kyosho part only limitations, etc...

Also, having gone to last years finals, while I had fun, I would not make the trip again. For the $ spent, many concessions had to be made because they held it at the RCX show. Shortened races, no practice etc...

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