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2011 Race Season

The 2011 AZGT, ATM, F1, and OCD seasons begin this Saturday the 11th.

The 2011 sporting regulations are all updated and available at
Very little has changed. New/changed regs are highlighted in yellow, removed regs have strike-through.

General Regs: Mostly just added a Red Flag rule to handle situations where the track becomes un-drivable (like a rail popping out into the track) or the timing loop gets knocked over.
AZGT: Minimum weight is 175g to match the PNWC rule.
ATM: "Lead a Lap" bonus is scored in all Heats if multiple Heats are run.
F1: New points scale to match the real F1 2010 season.
OCD: "Lead a Lap" bonus is scored in all Heats if multiple Heats are run.

There's been a last minute change in the track we will be running. Joe has decided to update the Esses for a later date and requested we run Oschersleben in its place for the season opener. This is a real-world track in Germany. (The guy on Speed pronounced it Os-er-shlay-ben)

This is a big one. How big is it? The F1 race will be only 96 laps. The huge Indianapolis layout was 150.9ft, Oschersleben is 219.0ft. That makes it the second largest track we've ever run, YBslow Circuit being the longest at 286.6ft.

See ya' all this Saturday (11th). And remember this is a back-to-back month with the OLPS on the following Saturday the 18th.
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