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2012 Race Season

Mini-AZ's 2012 racing season begins in January with our 'local series' of AZGT, DJEPC, FM, and OCD.

The 2012 sporting regulations are available for download on our website at
Mostly just minor tweaks and clarifications to the 2011 regs. You can now freely make adjustments between Sprints in the AZGT as long as you don't change parts. Hooray!

2011 saw the last race of the ATM series. In its place we are starting a new series, the Don Jackson Enterprises Porsche Cup. Those regs are of course at the link above.

Sadly 2011 was also Mini-AZ's last season of OLPS. It was a great run of six years and we had a great time competing with drivers the world over. Some stopped by Phoenix to race with us, and I even got to go to England and race with the Stafford guys. But there has been a growing desire to run on larger layouts with different rules, and so we have launched the International Scale Racing League to fill that need. Much like OLPS, the ISRL links clubs everywhere to race together virtually.

We are looking forward in 2012 to reconnecting with former competitors from the OLPS series, and maybe new clubs that have missed out on this great form of racing in favor of larger circuits. Its free to join the series and everyone is welcome. You can find the information at our ISRL page here:
There is also the announcement thread on MZR here:

The tentative season start for the AZGT / DJEPC / FM / OCD is on Jan 21st, but I still need confirmation on availability. The season opener will be run on one of those Bill Christiansen classic designs, the Easy Rider circuit. See you all in 2012!

(UPDATE: First race is moved to Jan 7th at DJ's. No race on the 21st)

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