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Originally Posted by SuperFly View Post
The countersunk screws are not a necessity, in fact, my version of that damper doesn't have the countersunk cones hollowed out of the CF, it's just flat. I bought it right when they updated to accommodate 102mm, the previous version only had one set of holes at 98mm.

The important thing is getting that whole friction plate below the PCB cover deck. Just be sure to put the screw head on top and the nut on the bottom. This will get you the few mm needed to get that spring mount from scraping on the body.

I post pictures the old school way; pull them off my phone, resize/crop in Photoshop, and then post a jpeg to a directory on my business web server.
with the screw that comes up for the shock correctly in the countersunk hole, the top of the plate is flat, while there are 2 holes that are countersunk on the underside. however, the holes I need to ise are flat on both sides, as well as the second plate that gets attached.

As long as the attached plate is under the other one mounted to the chassis, does it really matter if the nuts or screws are on top? I haven't seen a difference either way. ring the countersunk screw doesnt use the countersunk holes, I'm not sure it would matter. I could be wrong though
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