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I know I'm necroing, but I've seen this thread referenced in many locations, and it's as useful as when originally posted. This mod looks like it perfectly does what I've been looking for. I'm impatiently waiting for my ebay'd microsizers timer to arrive, and have already purchased the pointer and new sensor.

However, I'd like to make a modification, specifically so it works for drag racing (I'm timing flyball dogs, not racers, and this would be perfect for training). If I purchase a second pointer and sensor, is there not a way I could wire them in series with the originals so that a trip of either beam counts as a lapmarker? I'm perfectly willing to pick up a switch or doodad or whatever if there's something else I'd need to wire into the circuit.

I have minimal electrical skill, so the more "point and shoot" (similar to the original directions) the better.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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