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herman's cars

herman's cars again...

sorry guys, doing this again... other thread didn't have some of the links working... hope this one works now...

saving it for my signature until i get to set up my own gallery...

comments more than welcome...

will have to get back to arch2b on how to make my gallery (again - )
he emailed me and i - err forgot how to set my gallery up...

click on the pic to see original thread

1999 peugot 206 wrc

click here to get your 206 peugeot 1999 wrc decals

toyota altezza

herman's subaru wrc

herman's original teile

2001 peugeot 206 wrc

2001 peugeot 206 wrc ver.2

wrc toyota vitz

red rx-7 fd3s

porsche taisan on mr015 chassis

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