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We Need Your Feedback - Twitter & F******k

Originally Posted by Mrs Mini-Z View Post
Here at TinyRC, we think of us all as one big RC community, and our large forums as our way of social networking - for nearly a decade!! But not ones to be left out, we're officially joining up to the social networking craze.

So, what do YOU want to see out of our Twitter and F******k pages in the coming months? Do you tweet? Would you friend us on F******k? We've started an official forum thread, so let us know what content you're interested in seeing (contests, articles, videos, coupons, product notifications). We promise we won't waste your time tweeting about the shenanigans of the Warehouse Staff, or how our socks aren't matching our mood that day! Let us know what you think because as with, social networking is here to serve you - our RC community!
As mentioned in our announcement thread, please post your feedback here - Thanks!

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