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Old 2004.02.22, 05:37 PM   #16
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i had sooo much fun on tom thumb's overland track setup that i made something a bit more extreme and it is the most fun i've had on my track so far! i had never thought of using mounds like tom thumb's setup. it makes the track much more challenging and fun. it also works perfectly for racers too!
see me

thanks for the idea mike
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Old 2004.02.22, 07:32 PM   #17
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looks like you guys had a grand time... cool pics...

west, cool shirt!!!

results and winner pics??? another cool thing would be to post their corresponding set ups...

was anybody dq for not passing tech inspection?

thanks for any info...
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Old 2004.02.22, 08:09 PM   #18
San Marino GP- 4/25/04
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yo herman! excellent day. One we won't ever forget that's for sure.

no one was dq'd and teching was definately very thorough in the final mains

report is pending receipt of the stats from mike our race organizer. Pics on the kyosho website on this will be up i'm sure in due time

Lots of comments on the shirt btw. Race went well for team mclaren and best of all, no lost axles!
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Old 2004.02.22, 08:27 PM   #19
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Talking Cup Race

I had a great time racing as well. I had horrible qualifications in F1 and O2.The F1 I never got setup right so i Think I was last overal. The Enzo I drove for the first time over, actually It's the First time I raced since last Aug. I was just happy to finally get it together in the Bmain and turn 41 laps. The icing on the cake was going home with a FREE MiniZ racer. Can't wait for next year!!!!!!!
Better to have a gun and not need it then to need a gun and not have it!!!!!!!!
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Old 2004.02.22, 10:59 PM   #20
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Originally posted by herman

results and winner pics??? another cool thing would be to post their corresponding set ups...
Nothing on the official site yet, but I did snap pics of the awards.

Here is the best I can do without seeing final tally sheets. Went off my pics of the awards presentations:


1. John Vallo
2. Nick (did not catch last name, from Wyoming)
3. Nick Taylor

Box Stock:

1. Shannon Watts
2. Dustin Richards
3. Nick Taylor

Mod MR-01

1. Shannon Watts
2. Kyle Keller (latency)
3. Mickey Combs

Mod MR-02

1. Kyle Keller (latency)
2. Shannon Watts
3. Mark Saunders (skrogger79)


1. Nick (did not catch last name, from Wyoming)
2. Mark Saunders (Skrogger79)
3. Abe Delacruz (West.F1)

BMW M3 GTR MR02 PNRacing Speedy powered
Corvette C5R MR01 PNRacing Speedy powered
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KoPropo Helios 10EX

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Old 2004.02.23, 07:28 AM   #21
San Marino GP- 4/25/04
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latency- great pics. And thanks for catching me off guard

Nick's last name btw is also Watts. Him and Shannon are brothers. You'll also see their pics in the 2003 cup results in the kyosho site... we raced against some serious contenders.

not sure on the alias either, i thought he told me it starts with wyo.. but the search didn't help much.

BigVxxx- a new kit for free. You made off big man! So sell me your other one for cheap jk congrats.

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Old 2004.02.23, 07:56 AM   #22
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i continue to be amazed at the skills of these guys even though i had made a good level of improvement from the previous races, i was still about 7-9 laps behind the leader in the overland open. unfortunately it wasn't enough to bump up from the b main those that made it to the a main truely deserved it.

here is how it went for me...

practice- i was flying around the track and only rolled once or twice. this was a huge confindence booster. my setup worked as tested on my track at home, beautifully.

first qualifier- man, as tiny as the transponders are they really do effect the handling. to those in ny, practice with a transponder! i was rolling all over it was very disappointing for me. that and the marshals were rather busy so the timing (getting back up) was a bit slower. one roll and you get passed by several trucks. this was further complicated by my continued problems reversing. no matter what i did, how i changed the settings it would not go into reverse sometimes unless it was tapped or nudged by another truck or marshal. of course rollovers were 90% driver error, the rest getting tapped by another truck.

second qualifier- for the most part i was doing well. the last 3-4 laps however were disappointing. i thought the cells died but it turned out the transponder wire had fallen down against one of the rear wheels causing it to drag. it was frustrating as all of a sudden i was putting around the track gettting passed/lapped by everyone (which happened all day ) i have no doubt i continue to get better but it's still not enough to run with the big boys so to speak. any advantage i had with rcp track experience this year will be negated next year so i'm going to have to step it up a notch if i intend to offer anything other another track obstacle next year.

b main- i was simply outclassed by the rest by this time. i think i finished 4th or 5th. it was disappointing for me but your never happy about loosing...

i don't want to even get into what happened with my brothers land cruiser really, just to say it was one problem after another... he dnf'ed both qualifier's so it was a disappointing run for him. i felt really bad as i was trying my best to manage my truck, his truck and both his and my cousins stock 01's all day. they all kept me busy if it wasn't the batteries (we didn't bring enough) then the gear mesh was off or something else. overall, my brother and cousin did much better than the previous races despite the car troubles. oddly enough they all ran smooth on my track sunday, go figure

i was surprised at the lack of crashes and broken parts as i predicted or thought there would be alot more due to the new experience of the rcp track and having to stay off the rails. these guys were good! that's not to say there were not a few races that were more derby style but that can happen on any track.

oh, i forgot to bring a power strip/surge protector to plug in a few chargers even though i wrote myself a reminder to do so... the outlets were extremely loose too so it was hard to get the plug to stay in anway. i had to place a box against mine.

teching this time was very thorough. kudo's to alex who was kept bust all day. the a main cars were opened up and everything.
kyosho parts still proved to be a problem for the mr-02's. kyosho really messed up with the cells issue and stocking required parts in the u.s. prior to the cup races.
tom thumb was out of amb connectors by the time i got there about 9am sat. i had to spend $7 something for a futaba switch which i had to cut off the correct dongle and toss the rest in lue of the $3 amb connector. again, supply of these was an issue, not the shops fault. for the ny and other guys/gals, have your's before the races to save yourself the possible headache.
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