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Toronto, Ontario, Canada ***New Club***

For immediate release Monday, May 1st, 2006: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto and surrounding area mini-car R/C enthusiasts now have the opportunity to join ranks and enjoy a truly fun and inexpensive club together.- Shawn Yerxa, 8-year R/C car racer veteran (1/10 electric- 1/10 nitro- 1/5 scale gas- 1/24 scale mini-Z), is spear-heading a mini-car club which will promote mini-car racing and feature portable racing facilities.



Currently, there are no professional, permanent, mini-car facilities in the Greater Toronto Area, pushing many to construct custom tracks in their basement and race alone or with a small handful of friends. When track facilities did exist, many times it was not conducive to a family environment and focused solely on competition as well as a fueling the great divide among mini-car enthusiasts relative to their own brand; specifically Mini-Z owners vs. X-Mods owners.

General Mandate:

Unite all mini-car owners and enthusiasts together to provide a portable facility that will feature a friendly and family atmosphere to practice, race and shoot the bull with other like-minded (mini-car obsessed) people at an inexpensive cost.

Specifics Goals:

· Provide track facilities for both junior and advanced mini-car enthusiasts. This will be accomplished by providing two separate tracks; one, a professional RCP track system to allow tuning/practice and racing for seasoned and advanced racers as well as a junior track, where beginners (young and old alike) can learn the basics of R/C car control and mechanics (setups etc...)
· During warmer months, align with local hobby shops to promote mini-car racing/enthusiasm by holding co-sponsored outdoor events outside their shops, i.e. parking lots
· Hold races in a format to accommodate fair competition. Grouping can be decided by club members and include such things as:
-put "like" manufacturers of mini-cars together
-group drivers together by both skill levels and car specifications (body and chassis type, i.e. Fetted car or F-1, MR-02 pancar or AWD)
· Promote & elevate awareness of the R/C & Mini-car sport by holding events visible to the general public. This may include venues such as malls or community centres or special events.
· If club member volumes deem possible; hold learning seminars in regard to tuning/mechanics of mini-cars for beginners
· If funds available, provide “Free” (entry level) mini-cars for interested parties to try out.


· Portable track facilities
-will allow a variety of locations; from east to west, north to south
-will allow to hold events in conjunction with local hobby shops who sell and support mini-cars
· Families will have the opportunity to both spend time with their children and learn/practice/race at the same time
· Learn about and race Mini scale cars, which in general, provide the biggest bang for the buck out of all the R/C scales
· TBD> discount pricing at supporting local hobby shops

Track Facilities:

The club has free access to a total of 4 RCP (large-sized) tracks and one custom "Junior" track along with rental of a CORE timing system which will be used to hold Outdoor Spring/Summer/Autumn practice/tuning sessions/races in local hobby shops' parking lots. The hobby shops being picked/approached to help hold events have supported and currently support mini-car racers.

During the cooler winter/spring/autumn months, there is currently negotiation with a business to hold events/practice sessions inside for a small nominal fee. This is still to be determined.


The club's intent was to be nonprofit. That means members would only have to pay to cover the costs of renting equipment necessary to hold events and someone to run the race(s) along with a small club fee. The small fee has not been determined yet, but may range from $10-20 per person for the year to help offset the cost of the RCP tracks along with possible purchase of a CORE timing system and any other costs, such as flyers, membership cards etc..

Possible sources of (rental) costs to club members to run a timed practice event/race as well as general club operation:

· CORE lap timing system
· power generator (if Hobby store cannot provide outside power) to power people's personal battery chargers &/or laptop with CORE lap timing system
· pit tables if Hobby store cannot provide
· leaf blower to clean area where track is to be setup and to clean off dust from track itself
· pylons/cones to ensure real automobiles (cars) do not drive into/over race/pit area
· pay someone to run the race (race administrator)
· pay someone to officiate the race, i.e. hand out penalties (at club member's discretion)
· P/A system rental (mic/speaker)- at club member's discretion
· Trophies- at club member’s discretion
· Race administration costs:
-consumables, i.e. printer paper/ printer ink etc…
-tent to cover computer/printer area?
· General Administration costs:
-Membership cards?
-Promotion flyers/ads
-Race entry forms
-Website? With updating costs?
-Whiteboard for posting race/timed practice results

Being a club member:

Club member responsibilities (foreseeable at this time but may expand):

· Help clear race area of debris with leaf blower
· Help setup/teardown pit tables and assorted cables such as power leads
· Help setup/teardown (RCP) track(s) and associated equipment (pylons etc...)
· Help "Marshal" the track in the heat after yours to ensure cars which are stuck/flipped over are put back on the track to continue racing (race only)
· Help with anything where possible, either by effort, financially by bringing some item that would have to be rented and charged to the rest of the club members, or just moral support (say "Thanks!" to those that did something to help you be able to practice/race)
· Put garbage in it’s place…either your own or other’s à Keep the area clean or we will not be asked/allowed back

Club member etiquette:

You are expected to conduct yourself in a safe and respectful manner. This responsibility extends to any non-club members for which club members have invited/brought to club events. This includes parents being responsible for minors.

You will be dismissed, without review by club members, from the club for the following behavior listed below. This will also mean forfeit of refund of any yearly paid fees, and also includes historical fees paid as a collective by club members for future/current or past club events:

· Physical &/or excessive verbal abuse to other club members
· Premeditated or precipitated retaliatory actions during club events to other club members' cars or equipment (i.e. act ungentlemanly)
· Stealing/damage of/to either the club's or club member's belongings
· Repeated profanity in earshot of minors
· Not sharing in collective club member responsibilities
· Generally bad attitude towards other club members
· Smoking in vicinity of minors
· Alcohol or illegal drug consumption at club events

Upcoming events:

I'm happy to announce that the club already has some immediate support from our first hobby shop,
Boy Toys ( Boy Toys have long provided mini-car products and support to the Toronto area racers and enthusiasts, along with previously holding in-door winter racing series for Kyosho Mini-Z cars. A specific date will be forthcoming, but right now it looks as if the first event will be an open house event to recruit club members and make the track facilities available for practice and testing.

Contact Information:

Current founding member, Shawn Yerxa, can be contacted via:
Phone: 647-519-8074
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Hope you get the people together on this, sounds like a great idea !
Kinda like a local, 1/28th Power Tour !

New HFAY contestants ???
(shameless plug #847 !)
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(Local Basement Racing)
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Thanks imxlr8ed for the kind words.

I did think of HFAY for the seasoned guys, however, we're going to be running 4 Kyosho America tracks and HFAY setup is based on 2 Wide-Ls.

My friend and I bought the tracks personally and the club is using them for free. I was kinda of hoping to the use the minimal membership fee to eventually save for a couple of more tracks, so I would't be out of pocket, but hey, I might splurge depending on how big this thing gets (fingers crossed) just means less hop-ups for the existing cars.. : )
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Location: Reading Pa.
Posts: 4,123
Well, if you ever feel like setting up one of the tracks, even if it's just for time trials, I'm sure you all will throw down some great times !

I've been wondering where all the Maple Leafs are lately !

I been thinking of touring my club as well, the logistics for it get interesting but having a helpful crew makes it very worthwhile. I know that when people actually see how intense this racing can get, they'll be sold on it ! Good luck ! Hope you pickup alot of newbies and maybe some scale converts !
My Online Design Studio and Shop!

(Local Basement Racing)
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count me in
Go kimi
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1st event, which will be a meet'n'greet will be in Boytoys' parking lot on Saturday, May 27th. Keep posted for further details. Mark it down on your calendars.

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