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HFAY Season 28 Rules Adjustments

I wanted to post this about some of the clarifications that will be introduced in Season 28th. Lets get things going with a few that have been brought up over the last season. Feel free to discuss any of the current rules or proposed rules here. Some things to discuss are listed below.

1. Minimum Weight. 170gr.
2. Motors: PN 70T, Brushless 3500KV (Any Brand).
3. Added Chassis: Open for discussion. GL Racing, Atomic, Jomurema? Lets's discuss pro's and con's.
4. ESC's what ones should be legal?
5. Batteries: Stick with 4 AAA, Ni-MH only?

Do we allow some and create different classes?

With so many new cars, and varieations where should be take it? or Keep it where it is and tighen thinks up to keep it related to Mini-Z 70T class.

I'd like to hear all your opinions. some of these may make the rules for season 29 and some won't but as the 1/28th scene expands we'll have to consider all options.

--Salt Lake Mini-Z---HFAY---MZR Gallery--
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Thanks for starting the discussion Brian.

A couple of thoughts:

2. Motors: It would be good to keep the 5500kV option as a separate class. It provides more of a challenge for those of us used to higher speeds and can make use of it, as well as being easier on batteries and not having to extract every ounce of speed from the 3500kV/70T combo. (and not have Grant complain about "snail speed" .

3. Added chassis: All of the other chassis run lithium batteries, probably not going to be able to match well speed wise with 3500kV/70T on NiMH. They could be their own open class. Another idea would be to throw them in with the 5500kV motors, make that an entirely open class (battery, motor, and chassis). That could nicely self limit itself to a manageable 3500kV lithium or 5500kV NiMh combo just based on the small track sizes.

4. ESC: I'm thinking this should just be open and all inclusive. I've driven cars with an ASF (brushed), PN Spektrum (brushed), VE-PRO, EVO, the PN separate ESC, a separate HobbyWing ESC, and none of them have any significant advantage especially with the open FET rule.

5. Even with a 3500kV motor, lithium is going to be significantly faster than a 70T/3500kV NiMH. One possibility for lithium would be to include 3500kV lithium as part of the 5500kV NiMH class. On a larger track with open gearing the 3500kV/lithium is going to be faster, but on a smaller HFAY track with reduced gearing they could be pretty close (I can experiment with this on the next HFAY layout).

Something mentioned previously by Blaine in having different metadata available that I think would be great would be to have a few separate classes, but be able to post and rank results sorted in various combinations.

For example one set of rankings would be everyone in all classes. Another ranking would be 3500kV/70T NiMH only. Another ranking could be 5500kV/50T NiMH only. Another could lithium only...etc. That way most could run what they want, still feel like they are competing with others, but be able to separate out their particular "class" ranking.

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1. No reason to complain or suggest changes to min. Weight. Iíve not had any issues with teaching weight in the past as easy to add weight when needed.
2. Iím sure everyone knows my position on this. I am all for limiting brushless to 3500/brushed 70t.
3. If it can be adapted or run AAA, i donít see why anyone would care what chassis it is. Otherwise, your looking at more complicated systems to control as noted by art.
4. Anything that meets all other parameters.
5. I believe it should remain AAA format with voltage max. This addresses the various types of AAA available without having to get an extensive list of approved types.

Iím with art on the idea of multiple classes that allows for 5500+ speeds and alternative power sources that have a specified leveling equivalency restrictions. In order for HFAY to be inclusive, it needs to adapt to the now plethora of 3rd party platforms that are mass produced and sold meaning they are no longer limited productions sold by users (Pro-Z as an example). If someone can do the leg work to show alternate power sources can be restricted to maintain equivalency to 3500/70t, it wouldnít bother me to see that allowed in the base class either. As art points out, 3500 on lithium is leaps and bounds above 3500 on ni-mh.

How the website is developed and design will inform on the ability to manage data as art suggests but is a good suggestion in that you can filter down and still maintain rankings, standings based on categories within and overall framework. Depending on how stringent we are as a group in providing meta data on each driver, you could really start filtering this down into the weeds, FWD, AWD, RWD, in-mh, lithium, chassis type, etc. the list of possibility is endless, really just boils down to what is practical for judges to collect in a reasonable manner. You could make it such that any driver without the breakdown on data, simply excluded from filtered ranking/standing as motivation to get their s$%^ together. As a judge, lots of meta data is tedious and onerous for a judge to collect on top of results. I want to see more, i don'tí want to collect more so itís a struggle for me as i always want more data but it also means much more work for an already burdened job to manage.
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I'd like to see the base 70/3500 class remain nimh AAA, while allowing for other current or future commercially available chassis that fit this standard to be included.

Open ESC I think is fine, again as long as commercially available items.

I think a second class would open participation for those who have lipo/li-ion based cars, and also to those who want to develop their skill to the next level at 50t/5500kv+nimh. Like Arts idea of an Open class: motor, battery, and chassis are all open. Whether this class is single car time trial based or 3car timed race, I'm not sure the best route to go.

The base 70t/3500/AAA nimh class has proven to be a great format for new participants to join in. Based on how many new groups/clubs joined in for Season27 alone, I don't think any major changes need made for this class. I think the main decisions are defining a possible second class, and creating a similar feel that is: fun, challenging, easy to understand, (aka not overly complicated) commercially available parts. Perhaps season 28 can be a testing ground to develop a potential 2nd class, that could then be fine tuned for Season29 in 2020.
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I'm with most of you on the suggestion that we limit the Stock Class to the 3500kv/70T with AAA power and a miniumum weight of 170 grams. open the ESC and the chassis as long as it meets the lined out specs.

I'll have to talk with Blaine and see what can be done to track multiple classes. I think it would be great to have and open class and just let the best of the best sort it out based on the smaller track and see what's really possible on the small track with a finely tuned faster car.

I wouldn't mind jumping in with an open car as well as competing in both classes, just for fun.
--Salt Lake Mini-Z---HFAY---MZR Gallery--
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Is there a current weight limit set? I couldnt see one in the rules.

My opinion is that the stock class should be AAA NiMh, 70t/3500kv. Open commercially available chassis and electronics. The largest constraint here is that there are few chassis that have AAA compatibility. It would allow competition in the class for any possible new entries into the AAA chassis market (although most if not all develop new cars for lithium now).

I would be in favor of a second class (Group B), which would permit brushed motors down to 43t and brushless to 5600kv on AAA NiMh, and restrict Lithium 8.4v limit to 3500kv motors. With the weight limit in place, it should close the gap significantly that the lithium based cars have over the AAA based cars and allow the newer chassis designed around lithium to compete. A third sub class (Group C) of fully open could run with this second class but possibly be scored separately. For the track size, there would be less of a jump between stock and group B than there would be in group B to C which should allow them to race together on the same track more easily if a 3 car race would be kept rather than switching to a time trial format. I think that there would be more interest in a power restricted 2nd class than there would be in a full open class as it would allow AAA based cars to compete more easily. The weight limit would be key for balance of power as the lithium based cars are considerably lighter by default.
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