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Box Stock Class Discussions

Discuss any subject relating to Box Stock and Near Box Stock Class Racing.
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Discussion moved here from an un-related thread:

Originally Posted by EMU View Post
I know in the larger scales, and to a certain extent this scale, there is a feeling that pro drivers should run modified and not run in the stock classes. In a sense, once drivers are considered pro level, there is a feeling that by running in stock theyare beating up average racers and taking the wins in the easier class rather than reaching in modified with the big boys... In this scale there are very few pro drivers, mostly because deals are not offered in a similar fashion to the larger scales. There are plenty of fast racers in this scale, and many have pro level driving ability despite not having a ride.

I race at a bunch of different locations, and there has been some feedback at some locations about the fast guys scaring away racers by running in the "box stock" class... I think it boils down to the idea that a chance for a win is taken off the table when they run the class, and racers want to have that opportunity to fight for a win.

While I can understand the idea of a sportsman class, and have mixed feelings that top drivers should be in modified, it is also a completely different skill set to drive modified vs stock. How the car is setup, and more importantly how the car is driven.

I generally prefer stock style driving, with more focus on momentum and keeping speed up through corners to make time. However, stock is also where more setup technique and focus on marginal gains from multiple angles combined can make a huge difference. When everything is held constant under a tight rule structure, is where marginal gains make even more of a difference. When you have unrestricted power, these marginal gains are not really needed as much, since you already have more power than you need, and it's more about how you can convert that power through the wheel into the track than trying to find more power and speed which is the primary focus of stock level racing.

In general when I would race bigger events, more preparation and refinement would go into my stock setups than modified, mostly because modified was much more driver focused as where stock would be more equipment focused because the track could take more speed than what the stock level power could give. In a sense, what Ray said above is very true, that the track is the primary constraint and can be the limit if designed properly...

In general in this scale, new racers want to go fast. Veterans often want to go slow (mostly because slower classes provide better racing). I have always enjoyed pro stock level racing the most. (48t/5500kv AAA or 2S 3500kv power level), mostly because it removes much of the need to search for power gains, as the power is often just above what the track can take, but not necessarily out of hand as modified is for most average racers.

I know that I am going on a few tangents here, which stray from the focus of this event thread, which I apologize for doing. I think in general, near box stock/ kyosho stock is one of the best classes for racing when done right. But, when the balance of power creeps to raise the bar where the scope of the class changes (existing practitioners cannot participate), something needs to be done about it.
Originally Posted by egonzalez View Post
I agree with EMU. I would just add, keep the just stock class with no pro drivers. Have some way to vet when a new driver can jump from just stock to pro stock. Exp. X number of laps or winning their A main 3 weeks in a row. (Hard to do with the dwindling numbers in 1/28 scale) I still can't believe this scale is still using AAA's and brushed motors. LOL In my years of racing, the stock class or restrictions on a specific class (motor, gearing, batteries, etc) has never been about saving money or making the racing more competitive. These rules/restrictions just give certain drivers a false belief that they have a better chance of winning if the playing field was more level or slower. The truth is, better drivers/tuners will still find a way to the top of their A-mains.

Good Luck to ALL, This seems like a great event.
Originally Posted by arch2b View Post
I agree to respectfully disagree I donít think we will ever get to a sanctioned rules set in this scale. Please do not exclude top drivers from stock. Iíd rather the come close and loose to a top driver myself, pushes me to be better but as noted, everyone is different and seeks/gets something different out of it. Iíd rather chase the top than lead the bottom. Itís a matter of perspective and perspective is subjective to the viewer.
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There’s a bottom line scenario in effect which is given the low number of attendees (let alone super low # of new drivers to this scale) in most 28th scale venues unless all drivers including expert/pros support the box stock class there will be no such class to even discuss in the first place because it will never take hold if no ones running it. Dividing fast and slower drivers into A,B sorts ( & son on) will go a long way to making the experience enjoyable for the slower drivers as they’ll be competing against closer competition.( an ideal minimum of 5-6 drivers required to get 2 sorts going). Also remembering box stocks go down to 90mm which are roughly one+ second slower than a 98mm car, maybe better drivers can run 94-90mm cars to create a little bit of extra challenge for themselves.
Box stock stock is the only gateway class in this scale as far as price points and the mildest overall learning curve required which logically should entice a higher number of people to actually try the scale…a venue who doesn’t run a box stock class can only offer the full fledged optioned cars + radio to anyone new who wants to buy & race what others in the venue are running.

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copied other stock class posts from other thread to here.
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I do not disagree with you, I typically enter every class offered at race events and club racing. The kyosho stock class is often one of three more fun and competitive classes that I race. Primarily because it really is surprising how good such a simple car can drive.

I often slightly handicap myself, using bodies or wheelbases which go against the norm. I primarily do this to show that you don't need to use the "best" body or wheelbase to have a car that can perform well. I like seeing different cars on track, especially because this scale offers so much variety with body choices. In a box stock class, the body had so much more influence with how the car handles than in a less restrictive class, but because speeds are a bit slower, some of the less competitive race bodies can also work well. One of the racers years ago used to be quite competitive with the PT Cruiser, and it was so funny to see on track next to ferrari's and porsche's in our narrow 70t class.
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Me too regarding running shorter WBs' ... depending on the competition at hand I adjust my own BOP best i can staring with choice of wheel base.

For kicks and in the spirit of this thread in next few days I'll post the version of box stock we have arrived to over the years in the pits talking to those who've been interested in this class ...The rules part is going to be pretty predictable but I'll throw in some general tips and tuning info which can be helpful to newer drivers.
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