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Old 2006.12.29, 12:00 PM   #46
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 37
Unhappy Stinking Weight Rule !!!!!!!!!!!


How are we going to keep RACERS coming to mini-az events (or find interested racers) if the rules make it so racers DO NOT want to RACE !!!!! The rules for azgt have been acceptable up to this point. Just because some FULL SIZE series someplace in the world adds weight to the winners, doesn't make it acceptable for this application. (As was the 230gram weight limit for 3010 fetted cars) I am having tons of fun racing min-z's (more than any other racing I have done in the past 25 years or so) so please do not take the fun away. All of the drivers and cars currently racing are doing this for the fun factor. Adding 50 grams (max weight) car weighing 185 grams is not gonna happen with this driver whither I win or not. Adding weight is possible within reason, adding max weight of 50 grams is EXTREME like adding 4 more batteries. Some of us attending mini-az events may start to think you DO NOT WANT mini-az to grow. This kind of rule could bring all YOU have worked for to its knees.

Full size weight penalties are not as extreme as you have made it for mini-z.
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Old 2006.12.29, 07:55 PM   #47
Dusty Weasle
Here kitty, kitty, kitty
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Ok, I see thereís some pushback on the weight rule.

Iíve been off-line for a couple days. I got a catastrophic hard drive crash for Christmas. 100% data loss and all that joy. Iíve just resurfaced using the laptop. I donít even know how to check my email from here, so if anyone sent me anything I havenít seen it. I should be running again by this weekend, but itíll take weeks to get everything back to normal.

With my PC down I had time to experiment with weights in the car. I found that a nickel is about 5g so I started with those and discovered two significant factors:
1. 10 nickels (50g) will just barely (and poorly) fit under a McLaren body.
2. The car still accelerates well, and while it takes a moment longer to start turning, it sticks to the ground like glue.

Now the practicality of #1 means that 50g at nickel size is right out due to space. But this experiment was done with a stock motor, so with the hotter motors weíll be running there will still be plenty of power.

Still, 50g is too much. I was just looking for easy round numbers to work with. Youíre right that the scales donít translate. I forgot to look at the proportions rather than simply scale. Based on the GT series proportions, a 20g max is more accurate (or about 11% of the 180g min).

Today I picked up some lead weight strips used for R/C planes to give those a try. If this works youíd need to place a maximum of 4 (slightly smaller than a nickel) squares on the chassis. Theyíre even self adhesive.

Before I settle on this I want to give it a proper test drive after our next OLPS day. Everyone can get a feel for it and see what you think. If it still proves impractical or unpopular, we can dump it.

I have a good feeling about this rule. It should tighten up the field and make for a more exciting and even season. Besides, you may find your car handles better with the extra weight placed exactly where you want it. Try it, tape a few nickels to the chassis and go for a spin.
"Itís not about turning left, itís about not turning rightĒ.
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Old 2007.01.10, 05:22 AM   #48
Dusty Weasle
Here kitty, kitty, kitty
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 863
Ok, fine, damn it. The Competition Ballast rule is removed.

I have also modified the new Caution rule. It would be near impossible to enforce without a dedicated Race Director watching the race and reviewing replays. Not gonna happen. So I reworded it as a Gentleman's Agreement, with the option to assign a penalty should it become necessary.

My intent here is to make people focus on slowing down when approaching wrecks so as to not amplify them. The net result being fewer wrecks overall and better lap times for everyone.

Here's the Caution rule. If everyone thinks they can live with this, then I'll publish the finalized rules for Season III.


c.24. If a car crashes, the area approximately 2ft before it is under Caution. Drivers should refrain from passing until safely beyond the disruption. This is a 'gentleman's agreement', but the Race Director may assess a 1 lap penalty per incident if the courtesy is abused.

It is the responsibility of the overtaking driver to pass safely under all circumstances.

c.25. Crashed cars must give right-of-way to approaching cars. A driver should hold his position until his car can be safely maneuvered back on course. A driver may make an emergency move out of the line of traffic if it will reduce the risk of collision.
"Itís not about turning left, itís about not turning rightĒ.
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Old 2007.01.15, 11:32 AM   #49
Corvette Killer
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 407
Last race of the Season. 1 hour long race on the big track..

I can't wait to see the nifty rendering that Dusty does of this monster.. I believe it is about the biggest RCP track ever! We are doing our first event at SpeedWorld and I am excited to see how it all comes together. I believe we will have more than 12 drivers for the first time ever.

I am really serious about trying to organize a large enduro event on the big track. This should answer alot of questions about the large track, driver's stand, 6 degrees of banking (should give us some up and downhill sections and offcamber corners, etc..), practicality of the large track.. I believe that the large layout will help to bring other racers from CA, NV, UT, CO, and TX. We will make sure to take alot of pics and video to post..

1 hour AZGT finale race of the 2006 season @ SpeedWorld on January 27th.
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Old 2007.01.18, 02:46 AM   #50
Dusty Weasle
Here kitty, kitty, kitty
Dusty Weasle's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 863
***January AZGT Schedule***

Five weekends have come and gone. Five months raced by.
Twenty six battles fought. Twenty six victories run and caught.

Now there is one.

One race
One hour
One Champion

The AZGT Championship Season II Finale
Week 6: 1 Hour Le Mans
The Le Mans of Arizona at Speedworld Scale Raceway

Saturday, January 27th
Speedworld Scale Raceway
Happy Valley Rd and Grand Ave (US 60)


Hood and Joe locked up the top two podium positions in December, but 3rd Place remains in contention with only four points separating three drivers.

There is only one race run in a single direction. We will split the drivers into two Heats this time to ensure there are Corner Marshals, so nobody has to sprint down the very tall driver's stand to flip a car.

Assignment to Heats will be determined by best lap times in Practice, so be ready early. Qualifying will use the 'Three Knockout Rounds' method slated for Season III rather than individual knockouts used during the Petit Le Mans.

Except for Qualifying, remember Season II rules are still in effect so don't confuse them with the recently released Season III update.

Below is the track layout we will be running designed by Brad and Hood. It will be set up on the front stretch at Speedworld. This is a very nice facility with a tall driver's stand for excellent visibility. I know its a long way out to Speedworld from our usual locations, but its just for this special occasion. Its an excellent facility surrounded by many other R/C and full scale sports as well. I hope to see you all there.

Open Session
10:00-11:00 Track Setup and Open Testing
11:00-1:00 Practice- Best lap time determines Heat placement
Heat B
1:00-1:30 Qualifying
1:30-2:30 Le Mans
Heat A
2:30-3:00 Qualifying
3:00-4:00 Le Mans
Closing Ceremonies
4:00-4:10 Trophy Presentations
4:10-5:00 Tear Down and Cleanup

"Itís not about turning left, itís about not turning rightĒ.
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Old 2007.01.18, 03:36 AM   #51
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man that is one sweet looking track setup you guys have for a finale should make for some very good racing
Real Racers Do It Sideways.
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those two chicks over there, not so hot. Dont get me wrong, I would still go for it, cause thats the type of equal opportunity guy I am.
I am a FIRM believer in "Run what ya brung"......Unless it's your MOUTH!!!
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Old 2007.01.18, 06:14 PM   #52
Corvette Killer
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 407
How about a bump up from the B to the A Main?

It would be nice to have a full field in the A Main.. 12 cars..

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Old 2007.01.18, 11:02 PM   #53
Dusty Weasle
Here kitty, kitty, kitty
Dusty Weasle's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 863
If I follow you correctly, that would mean some people running a 2 Hour Le Mans. No, lets stick to the format with a single run for points. Of course if 24 drivers show up then there would definitely be 12 each.

Because of the nature of the Knockout Rounds I found it necessary to isolate the Qualifying runs to their individual Heats, using Practice times to divide the groups. In future Sprint races however, the 5 lap Qualifying solo runs allow the use of those results to divide Heats instead of Practice.

Everyone will still be competing directly for position regardless of Heats though by sorting the data together OLPS style. So even if somebody has a bad run and winds up in the B-Main, they can still challenge for the win.
"Itís not about turning left, itís about not turning rightĒ.
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Old 2007.01.22, 12:55 AM   #54
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 37
Try the Bump System

For example Dusty

Run 2 qualifiying sessions qualify the 8 fastest for the A main.

Then run a 30 minute B main with the TOP 4 bumping to the A main making a full field of 12 for the hour lemans.

We still then have enough drivers to turn marshall and pit cars for both races.

The only issue I see is that B main driver will have depleted batteries meaning they would have to start the hour with fresh batteries.

I think this is an option in my mind to have a full grid for the hour.

Please consider some out of the box thinking for running MINI-AZ events and secondly I am having more fun racing mini-z's than the last 25 years of racing 10th scale of and on road racing.

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Old 2007.01.24, 11:58 PM   #55
Dusty Weasle
Here kitty, kitty, kitty
Dusty Weasle's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 863
Remember I changed the schedule so there was only one race on the 1hr day because we were all so exhausted last year after running two large enduros. This series of Qualifiers would mean more driving for everyone, and more still for those that have to run the B-Main.

This also assumes more than 12 people will show up. Remember our current record is 11. If we get 14, a miracle , that means two people get left out of the big show but get the honor of being Corner Marshals for an hour, servicing a 48'x33' area by themselves .

Nope. Let's stick to the plan... Stay the course you might say.

The way its scheduled means everyone will run an equal amount of time regardless of how they qualify. But I am switching the old 'Heat stacking' rule with Season III's OLPS style sorting so that it doesn't matter for points what Heat you run in.

However, I you want to design a stand-alone race day on the bump system, we could insert it as a break in the AZGT schedule as an All Star enduro day or event such as that.

The current forecast is for 68deg and sunny. See 'ya all there.
"Itís not about turning left, itís about not turning rightĒ.

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Old 2007.01.29, 03:45 AM   #56
Dusty Weasle
Here kitty, kitty, kitty
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 863
*** AZGT Week 6 Results ***

The last race of Season II is in the books. Our biggest, best season yet (yes, out of two, but it was a great one).

We had just one race, the 1 Hour Le Mans round under the sunny blue skies at the Speedworld 1:4 scale oval. The track was orders of magnitude larger than anything we've run before with average lap times of around 30 seconds.

Unfortunately the demands of the real world and likely the rather long distance to the track kept our turnout low, but the major contenders were there so it was a fair points fight in the end.

The top two podium positions were locked up last month, but there was a close fight on for 3rd Place. In the end Brad succeeded in grabbing the final spot by 5 points and thus earning the coveted box of Ding Dongs.

Congratulations all, and thank you everyone for all your participation and support to make this a successful and fun season.

Below is the scoring breakdown for the race and some pictures from the event.

Results for AZGT Week 6, The Le Mans of Speedworld Raceway:

Total Point Standings Week 6 of 6
Place -- Driver -- Points
1st ----- Hood --- 120 ------- 14 wins
2nd ---- Joe ------ 89 --------- 5 wins
3rd ----- Brad ---- 50 (+2) --- 6 wins
4th ----- Dusty --- 45 (-1)
5th ----- Dink ----- 43 (-1) --- 1 win

6th ----- Saiyan -- 17 -------- 1 win
7th ----- DJ ------- 16
8th ----- Sean ----- 5
9th ----- Billy C ---- 4
10th --- Jordan ---- 3 (-1)
11th --- Ghost ----- 2 (-1)
12th --- Scott ------ 1 (-1)
13th --- Big D ------ 1 (-1)

1 Hour Le Mans
Place -- Driver -- Qual -- Laps ----- Time ----- Points
1st ----- Brad ----- 6 ----- 119 --- 59:11.57 ---- 10 --- Fast Lap 24.73sec
2nd ---- Hood ---- 1 ----- 119 --- 59:13.16 ----- 6 +1TQ
3rd ----- Billy C --- 4 ----- 112 --- 60:16.09 ----- 4
4th ----- Joe ------ 2 ----- 111 --- 59:25.42 ----- 3
5th ----- Dink ----- 5 ----- 104 --- 60:18.69 ----- 2
6th ----- Dusty --- 3 ------- 91 --- 60:06.99 ----- 1
8th ----- DJ ------- 7 ------ 83 ---- 60:30.87 ----- 0

AZGT January Driver Lineup

YBslow Circuit Panorama

Bill's Blaupunkt

Sunset Strip

Pitting Under the Sun

Next Door to The Nitro Pit

Graph of Le Mans Results
"Itís not about turning left, itís about not turning rightĒ.
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Old 2007.02.13, 04:49 PM   #57
Corvette Killer
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Posts: 407
Video of the Big Track..

I now have a video on the track website.

I changed the links to make them work better..

Last edited by Hood; 2007.02.14 at 10:30 AM.
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