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Cool Newbie (but knowledgeable) with ?'s

Hello all, I have been lurking here for a while. I just got my white Enzo Mr-02 a few days ago. I also got Atomic Mods Titanium rear diff w/delrin spur/ceramic balls, full ceramic bearings, Ver 5 98MM pod, SSG Titanium dampener set, Kyosho 15 degree tires all around (I need some 8's as well), and about 20 other things I can't remember right now. I am building the car for my first race tomorrow (RCP) so I have never even run it yet! I did the Micro RS4 thing years ago and I basically loved it all. I had every possible upgrade out there. So, I want to do the same for my new mini.

Here is what I can't seem to find. I see the tops of a lot of people's front bulkheads and there are two markings on some. The left side will say.05 and the other will read 1.5. I understand that these are probably camber settings. I cannot seem to find this product anywhere. I also am looking to get the alloy knuckles as well. I have noticed a complete replacement front end made out of alloy as well. You have to cut the plastic stock supports to do this. Are there any drawbacks to this? I need to upgrade to the best stock class motor I can for HFAY. I have sourced a Speedy 07BB. I believe that the motor is spec for that class?!

Sorry for so many questions but these answers I cannot seem to find. Great forum by the way! I have learned so much just reading but now I need some answers. thank you all in advance for the help.

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As far as I know, there is only one motor allowed in HFAY. Check out the rules on the HFAY site. I believe they had a motor produced specifically for the class from Atomic and is sold through the shop.

As far as the front bulkhead... those are caster towers
Camber is usually done with the knuckle, although there are some JPL tower bars that have .5d caster and .5d camber.
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PN Racing marks their replacement alloy bulkheads with caster degree. Adding caster usually takes away turn-in while adding more on-power steering.
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There are currently 2 legal motors for HFAY, box stock motors (the one you get with the RTR) and the HFAY Spec motor. They both can be purchased here at the MZR shop.
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The top bars with the two different numbers sound like the JPL bars. IIRC, the 1.5 refers to the camber and the 0.5 refers to the caster.

miniRC ca
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1.5 camber .5 castor is made by tagu,this replaces just the top arms at the front,google "wild z racing" they supply tagu stuff and its now available in blue
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Tagu/JPL tower bar can be found here at the shops site

If you want a whole alloy front and lower alloy bar, you can find those at

Draw backs to the tower bar is added weight.

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Well, thank you all for your help. After I posted that I looked over the other posts that were showing other builds. Since I am no stranger to mini/micro scale racing I knew what I needed. So, here is my current list of everything I bought from online stores. I also have a McLaren Gulf set coming as well. FOr now I had to buy some Kyosho 15's for the races tomorrow. I have other tires on the way. I know this is all a way bit extreme but I am so thrilled to be in competitive racing again that I went all out. I know that none of this makes me a better driver, but the Mini will look bad@$$ at the least, lol. This site has really helped me figure out what I needed. All I have to do is tune it tomorrow and wait for the other stuff to come in.

Here is what I bought. the first Atomic order I already have and that is all I will race with tomorrow.

First Atomic Mods Order:

Mini-Z Car Ceramic Bearing Set Shipped
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02 MM 98mm Titanium Damper Plate System
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02 43T Delrin Differential Spur Gear
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02 43T Version II Ball Differential
Kyosho 30451FW Mini-Z ReadySet MR-02 Enzo Ferrari White
AtomicMods Ceramic 3/32 Diff Balls
Atomic Aluminum Locking Wheel Nuts 2mm Black
Atomic Mini-Z CG Washers
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02 Ultra Light Motor Mount (Vers V) for 98mm
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02, MR-015 Adjustable Rear Shock for DPS White Stickers


Rubber Tires (Rear) RADIAL A 8DEG - GPM Mini-Z MR02
Titanium King Pins with Clips - GPM Mini-Z MR02
Front Bulkhead - 3Racing Mini-Z MR02

Second Atomic Mods Order:
Atomic Mini-Z Delrin Servo Gear Set
AtomicMods SuperFlex 18 Wire
Team Trinity Racing Oil
Atomic Mini-Z Aluminum Front Body Mount Enzo Ferrari
Atomic Mini-Z Aluminum Front Body Mount McLaren F1 GTR
Atomic Mini-Z Anodized Pinion Gear Set (7T-10T)
PN Racing Speedy 07 BB Motor
Atomic Mini-Z Low Ride Height Springs (For RCP)
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02 Aluminum Steering Saver Set
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02 MM SSG T-Plate Super Soft
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02 MM SSG T-Plate Medium
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02 Titanium Screw Set
Team Trinity On-Road Diff Lube
Atomic Mini-Z Antenna Kit - Black
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02 Aluminum Steering Knuckle II - 1
Atomic Mini-Z MR-02 Option Spring Set (Racing Edition)
PN Racing MR2015 Front Narrow Tower Bar & Lower Bar Set

RC Kenon Purchase

PN Racing MR02 Alum Tie Rod 0 (Blue)
PN Racing Mini-Z Stainless Shims Set
PN Racing Mini-Z MR02 Alm Front Tower Bar Set (MR02) Blue
PN Racing Mini-Z Rims Double Side Tape

I will definitely post pics when she is put together!!!

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