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2011 Stock Class Motor Rules

After many months of partisan bickering, bribe taking, trips paid by lobbyists and secret meetings we have finally brought to the floor the High Speed stock motor rules for 2011. The rules pretty much cover what we have all been running and doing for the most part but give us clear limits and a deterence to getting carried away in the form of a "claim" rule. If you don't want to bother with so many rules and details: purchase a new PN 70T motor, break it in and race it... you will be legal within these rules. If you want to extract the most out of your motor or feel that you have purchased a dud, see the rules below. You or your favorite motor builder will know what you can and can't do.

There are other 70T motors in the market, like the CT-Reflex/Atomic motor but we have stayed with the PN version due to it's availablity and existing stock in racers boxes. Having one motor specified makes tech easier and prevents the "motor of the month" spending spree. We could look at these motors in the future though if conditions dictate.

2011 High Speed Hobbies Stock Motor Specification
“Stock Classes” - Grand Touring 2, Le Mans Prototype 2, Formula 2, CanAm 2

Only the 2009 version of PNWC 70 Turn Official Stock Motor (PN Part #110670)( hereinafter “PN 70T”) allowed.
Only the PN 70T can, armature and magnets may be used. Parts may be swapped between motors.
The PN 70T can may not be modified, no material may be removed or added. The can must be marked “PNWC 70 Turn Official Stock Motor”.
Only the PN 70T End bell may be used. The end bell may not be modified in any way other than the removal of supports for commutator access.
The end bell must be retained by the can tabs only, both tabs must be in place and no other means of end bell retention may be used.
The magnets must be in their original location, magnet timing or shimming not allowed. Removal of magnet material is not allowed. The magnets must be retained by the original clips.
The armature may not be re-wound or balanced (material may not be added to or removed from the armature). The armature is to be a 70T single wind of 30(?) gauge wire.
The armature stack may not be polished.
The commutator may be trued or polished.
Commutator adjustment is allowed but only up to the end of the armature stack, commutator separations may not fall into winding gap. The armature may not be rewound to adjust the commutator.
Only the PN 70T motor bushings may be used, bearings may not be installed. The bushings may be reamed and aligned for shaft clearance but must remain stock thickness.
Only the PN Carbon Silver Brush (PN Part#10CR50) or Atomic Carbon Brush (Atomic Part#AR008) may be used. PN Pure Silver Brush (PN Part # 10CR65) or equivalents are not allowed. Holes or slots in the brush material are not allowed.
The brush spring must snap into the end bell receivers in the original location and orientation. No material may be added or removed from the brush spring.
All other modifications not covered by these rules should be assumed to be not allowed.

2011 High Speed Hobbies Motor Tech and Claim Rules
The Motor Tech and Claim Rules are used to prevent excessive stock motor development outside the spirit of the rules.

The Race Director and/or the majority of the Tech Committee may elect to conduct a visual technical inspection of any competitor’s motor at any point during a club race or event with no fee paid to the owner but the motor may not be opened for technical inspection unless a claim fee of $25.00 is paid by a claimant or claimants. The Tech Committee shall consist of two competitors of the club chosen by the group or, in the case of inter-club competition, two representatives of each of the majority clubs represented if they so elect. The Tech Committee shall not include the owner or claimant/s of the motor in dispute. Should the motor be found illegal by the Tech Committee during the club race or event, the owner shall not be allowed to compete in the remainder of the race and will be disqualified from the race (all times and finishing positions will be disqualified). Race entry fees will not be refunded after disqualification.
Competitors in the same Heat or Main may claim another competitor’s motor for the cost of $25.00. The claim may be made immediately after a Heat or Main but the motor may not be surrendered until the end of the club race or event, at the discretion of the motor owner. The motor used in the Heat or Main in question shall be the motor surrendered, the claimant may opt to mark or initial the motor claimed. If the owner removes the motor at any time during the club race or event, the motor must be surrendered to the claimant immediately. If the owner refuses to surrender the motor to the claimant immediately, the owner shall not be allowed to compete in the remainder of the club race or event. The claimant may not run the claimed motor during the same club race or event. If the owner elects to run the claimed motor until the end of the event, and at the conclusion of the event refuses to surrender the motor, the owner will be disqualified from the club race or event (all times and finishing positions will be disqualified). The claimant may request an open motor tech inspection of the claimed motor by the Tech Committee once the claim fee has been paid to the motor owner and the owner has surrendered the motor. Should the Tech Committee find the motor illegal, the owner shall be disqualified from the club race or event. Race entry fees will not be refunded after disqualification. The tech inspection may not occur any later than within one hour of the conclusion of the club race or event for disqualification to be enforced. The motor owner and claimant must be present during technical inspection and the motor may not have left the premises. Should the claimed motor be found illegal, the motor owner shall refund the claimant the $25.00 claim fee and the motor shall be returned to the owner. Should the motor be found legal the claimant shall keep the motor and the motor owner shall keep the $25.00. The motor owner, should the motor be found legal, may request the claimant’s motor from the last heat competed plus $10.00 in lieu of the $25.00.
High Speed Hobbies
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Wow! That's gotta be the most definitive club motor rules I've seen to date... good job!
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Thanks Ed, seems like 2 years in the making.

I will remove the question mark from the wire gauge once I verify, just gotta get my calipers out and look up the gauge chart.

We spoke to Philip and he will not be discontinuing the 70T even though the 80T looks like it might become the PNWC handout. He has 500 70Ts in stock as of yesterday. We plan to stick with the 70 this year at least.
High Speed Hobbies
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Please remember these are only our High Speed club rules, they do not apply to Carolina Cup events as we run handout motors for those. If anyone plans to join us on a Thursday night (please do!), follow the above rules for our "stock" classes. We have been running GT2 (stock) every Thursday and an alternating open motor, mod class (F1 or LMP1).
High Speed Hobbies
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DJ Rattray
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Ok I understand the motor rules clear enough. Can someone fill me in on all the other rules for the stock class. like weight, ground clearance, body modification, width, length, etc....?
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Location: Mooresville, NC
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Here are the chassis rules we run at High Speed which will also be used at Hobbytown. I am still missing a couple of dimensions but they should not be a problem. I hope to get the full rules up soon...


Any 1/28th scale 2WD chassis
Max Track Width: 80mm
Wheel Base: 86-102mm

Kyosho ASC, White Body or equivalent (TRP, Iwaver, X-Mod, etc...) hard plastic bodies allowed, excluding LM-LeMans Prototype bodies (See LMP class list) or Can-Am/Pan-type bodies. No thin shell Lexan/polycarbonate bodies allowed. Bodies may be altered for wheelbase but a maximum wheel opening of 31mm measured horizontally must be maintained. Wheel wells may be altered for tire clearance but the body must cover the tire completely when viewed from above. Headlight buckets may be removed but lenses or covers must be retained. Tailight lenses and housings may be removed. The rear fascia or bumper maybe cut but no higher than XXmm from the chassis bottom plane. Holes are legal in the remaining fascia. Small body parts such as mirrors, canards and exhaust pipes may be omitted. Front air-dams, splitters and body sides may be trimmed for track clearance.

Width: 80mm max.
Length: XX
Height: XX

All wings original to the body are legal. Aftermarket or non-original wings must fit within confines of main body. Wing must not extend higher than roof line relative to chassis bottom plane (excluding extensive roof scoops, for example Kyosho NSX), past widest point of body, or beyond rear of body work. This includes all parts of wing (side dams, etc...).


4 x AAA NiCad, NiMh or Alkaline (Lithium based batteries NOT allowed)

Any Mini-Z type wheels, plastic or aluminum
Max Front: 9 x 22mm
Max Rear: 11 x 22mm

Any rubber Mini-Z type tires (no foam)

GT1 (Mod)

Min Weight

Any 130 size brushed motor. Brushless not allowed.

GT2 (Stock)

Min Weight
175g with transponder.

See 2011 High Speed Hobbies Motor Rules or Spec Motor determined by the Event.
High Speed Hobbies
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Those are some good rules Clearly defined, but not overly restrictive.
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Thanks Emu, these are rules that Landon and I have been working on for the Carolina Cup. Other than the motor rules, they are the basis for our club races.
High Speed Hobbies
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