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Sticky front suspension

I have a Pajero. The front suspension is a little sticky. I noticed the stiction on the front shocks. If I push on one of the front wheels, it will stay compressed. When I push the whole front end (both sides) it will return to normal. Would it be helpful to put on some GPM aluminum shocks to eliminate stiction?

The rear suspension is great. I actually noticed that the front suspension linkage's and bars are tighter than the rear. I tried to lube all the pivot points with Tri Flow, but it didn't help too much. I thought about Kyosho oil shocks, but are they smoother than GPM non-oil aluminum's, or do they just have better dampening?

I don't care too much about damping, but I do want a smooth shock. Kyosho's are pretty pricey. Do you think I should go with GPM aluminums? Should I also replace my suspension linkage pieces?
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they are fine they just need cleaned out do a search and you will find plenty oh how to clean them
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After every long dirt run, I take my shocks off as a complete unit. I then let them soak in soapy water for a minute while pumping each one by hand underwater. I then pour liquid soap down the hole and on the shaft and cover the hole slightly with my finger while pumping it out of the water. I then rinse it off while still pumping it. After that I dry it with a hair dryer in a separate room.

The reason I say seperate room is my toilet is somewhat close to the sink and while blowing one off, it went in the toilet and while I was a little too excited, I accidentally flushed one of my rears.

Anyway, this works great and I like this better than taking the shock apart because the shaft actually cleans the area that needs to be cleaned and it does so easily and quickly so it does a better job faster. I used to clean the shock parts separate but now I like this better.

Have fun and make this part of your routine maintenance. Helps a lot.
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The problem may not be the shocks. Mine did this too when it was new. I removed all the piviot balls, put them in a dremel and polished the ball area with several fine grits of sand paper. This freed the suspension up considerably. With everything fully assembled with only the shocks removed the front and rear suspension should flop around freely in it's full range of travel. If it sticks then you may need to poish the piviot balls. My stock shocks also did stick like you mentioned. I could feel that by squeezing just the shock in my fingers. The only solution I came up with was to remove the shock shaft and round the edges of what would be the screw head of the shock shaft. It seemed like it was slightly digging into the body of the shock because of the little bit of slop between the shaft and the body. It helped some, but by then I got Kyosho's oil shocks and the problem was gone.
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