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Unemployed again... lol

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I am a salesman for an electrical manufacturing agency that reps. 20 some odd lines in the NY Metro area. Mostly commercial and industrial.
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thanks for all those who replied...

nice to see you post drac/ron... sounds like a really interesting job... i'm really happy for you...
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Originally Posted by cosmicsoul View Post
I am an exotic male dancer. I do mostly bachlorette partys, private partys and well you get the idea. I cater to women only just in case you where wondering.

When I have free time I also run a painting and drywall business.
lol... kinda reminds me of multi-tasking ramone (from "the proposal" staring sandra bullok)... the local waiter, the only exotic male dancer in that part of alaska, convenience store attendant, and minister...

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Jay, you better not show up at High Speed in that outfit!
High Speed Hobbies
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PN Racing Team Driver
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that does look alot like jay. kinda scary.
PN Racing
LET's Go Racing
DG Designs
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thats a hot picture of you jay.

i build and fix elevators for a living. it has it's up's and downs,HA HA.
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Im a nurse by trade, but I'm an Executive Marketing Director for a Home Health company.
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LOL good pic. I liked that movie.

Currently a junior at the California Institute of Technology. Leaves me with enough spare time to post and that's about it.
Brian Ma

Greyscale RC

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My main job:

Business Analyst and Project Manager for a multi-billion $ global insurance company

Side jobs:

1) Own & operate MC3 hobby shop/track
2) Own & operate a wellness products business
Mini-Car Club of Canada (MC3)
Premier Mini-Z Race Track & dNaNo Sales in Toronto, ON Canada
www minicarclubofcanada com
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Corvette Killer
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I was an accountant, turned techie. Got tired of working hard and watching other people make the money. Resigned to do what I love R/C.

I now do exterminating, consulting, and my R/C business. Lots of time with my daughter and playing with my cars both large and small..

I do the extreme R/C sizes that the hobbyshops don't want to support. Mini-Z, HPI Bajas, and I used to run the 1/4 Scale track here in Arizona.

Mainly I kill bugs, and I do it FAST!!
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LOL good pic. I liked that movie.
just googled it, and well the pic showed up... yeah liked the movie as well... it was really funny seeing ramone having lots of... er ''jobs''...

Mainly I kill bugs, and I do it FAST!!
hmm... have you heard of arch2b's situation regarding stink bugs?
how do you get rid of them?
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I am a Low Temperature Refrigeration Mechanic- namesake=referjohn

12 years union,EPA universal certified. working on anything refrigerated, my van has 6 different freons on stock, I work mainly supermarkets, industrial, commercial, county ,state,prisons and hospitals.

pay is great,overtime even greater=however 70 hours aweek during the summer months, as i post this i am at 59 hours this week. come home late everynite, at 37 years old my body is telling me it's near 50 years
I joined this trade stricly for the paycheck 12 years ago- and tell people it is not for everyone- ON CALL 24/7 FOR 7DAYS STRAIGHT, most dudes give it a try and end up quitting & going over to the HVAC sector- hvac is a non-emergency climate control scheduled during office hours- not so with refrigeration. i get called out at anytime, take your boots off-call, have a nice first bite of dinner-call, just got out of shower ready for bed-call,2:30 in the morning-call..... demanding is a understatement- my phone just rang and luckliy it was the wife and not the answering service

to wrap up here, i can repair the smallest refer 1 cu ft freezer 1/8th ton. all the way upto Arizona Sherrif Joe city block at the maricopa facility 1.5million ton. normal freon drops in a supermarket after a repair at 600lbs freon R404a
that 1 cu ft freezer takes 3oz R134a

if anyone has a question about refer or hvac- feel free to ask me

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My life had all kinds of jobs, but the ones I remember best were:

-Body man for a old tuner shop (I did the fiberglass bodykits, around the age of 16)
-Warehouse night shift supervisor (the races with the forklifts were exciting... around age of 18 or 19)
-Carrier for a last minute emergency carrying company (for this one I wished I had a motorcycle, would have been much easier... I was 22)
-Quality control man at a mistery shopping agency (I basically checked reports, was 23)
-Staff, building a stage for some collage party (structure building is one of my favourite tasks, I was ..and still am 25)

Last one was this year but even before that I was starting to have a lot of trouble getting a job cause I didn't finnish school, so now I'm studying once again to get everything done and have employment once again.
My actual course is Multimedia, not my favourite but I managed to cut some corners to it.
(new sig pic comming)
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Iam a forklift driver for a company thats makes MDF Trim for all the big box stores ( Rona , Home Depo , Timber mart , etc....) . It pays the bills ...
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