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What should I do next?

I've almost always had a couple unfinished white body sets in a drawer, but I've managed to get all of them done. Also, I've managed to acquire most of the bodies I had an interest in. I currently have:

Audi R8 GT
Ferrari 458
Ferrari 360 GTC
Ferrari 575 GTC
Lambo Murcielago
McLaren 12C GT3
McLaren F1
Porsche 911 GT1
Porsche 962LH
Porsche 962KH
350z (2005)

I need a new project. I'm looking forward to the re-release of the Sauber C9, but that won't be out for a few months. Any suggestions on a currently available white body that I don't already have? Have thought about the newer Audi R8, the Jomurema body, Porsche 906, though I'm not sure I want to maintain an MR015 or turn one of my MR03 into narrow config. The Aston Martin DB9 and Nissan GT-R, long nose McLaren interest me, but haven't seen those white bodies anywhere.

mini-z gallery
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The Nissan GTR JGTC is discontinued.

Google rcmini-z and check the MZN category in their "mini-z racer" sub section. If it's a body in production they'll have it.

As for project 'to-do' you have a good selection of 98 and 94mm bodies but only one how about a cool 90mm like a Ferrari F40 (for RWD) or a Subaru B22 (for AWD).
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The long tail mclaren should be available again soon.

F40, sc430 gt500, NSX (non concept), supra... these are all available on. e b a y
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The DB9 is a really nice looking body, but is getting hard to find. I've raced the sc430 and I really like the looks of it, but it's front splitter jams under the rcp rails, you would probably need to trim it a bit to race it. I also have the porsche 906, and it is tiny. It is a really cool body, but I haven't set up a car to run it yet. The F40 would be a good project if you like the looks of that car. It is a very iconic Ferrari. I wish I had your problem. I still have a box of white bodies that I am working on very slowly.
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Old 2018.09.28, 10:40 AM   #5
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Posts: 504
Thanks for the suggestions! In the pursuit of ultimate speed and handling, my cars kept getting longer and wider. You reminded me there is fun to be had with shorter, narrower wheelbases, almost like turning up the difficulty level in a game. I kind of forgot that I ran an MR02 JGTC Supra for a couple years and it was my favorite body.

I found a white (not white body, but hand-polished whatever white painted) long tail McLaren for $31. Sometimes a nicely painted white base is the best place to start anyway.

The SC430 is a surprisingly good race body, but there's another guy in my club that runs them almost exclusively, so I try and leave that to him.

Not sure why, but I always try to add variety to the track for racing. Sometimes it isn't quite as satisfying to watch when the entire heat is Audi R8s.

mini-z gallery
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or a field of 599's, Moslers, or GT01's... The R8 is not the fan favorite in MD, that would be the 599 or 969/C9/Mazda LM bodies. I also try to keep a bit of variety in my lineup, but my lineup is always changing as well. I've probably been running the R8 the longest of all bodies I've had.

The 906 is a fun car to drive being so tiny, lots of curves and just pleasing to look at. I had always wanted to do a Mach 5 version of the 906.

It's been many years since I've run any 94mm body despite the 360GTC being my go to HFAY body for a very long time.
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