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RCP-Tracks FAQ's

I have put together a list of some questions and answers for those of you who have inquired about the RCP track system.

1)(Q) Can you combine track kits to create larger and more technical layouts other than the Wide Oval and Wide "L" Turn..... (A) Yes, there is an unlimited amount of custom configurations that can be made and you can visit our website at for some suggested layouts when combining the tracks above. You can also visit the gallery section at this site for pictures of some additional larger layouts.

2)(Q) Is this the same track used for the Kyosho Mini-Z Cup races. (A) Yes, this track is being used for some of the regional events as well as the 2003 and 2004 final championship event. It will also be the same track used by a few additional large US RC car companies and retail stores, for new racing events starting this year. These new races will include such cars as the Xmods and the 1/18 scale Mini-T and Micro RS4. The RCP Track will be used as the official track of the new Xmods Racing Tournament starting this year. We are building another display for Kyosho at the 2004 RCX Trade Show this year in California. This track will feature both the RCP on road and off road textures as well as some custom props for the Mini-Z Monster. At this years RCX Show, we are also building some spectacular 1/10 scale rc car and truck stunt tracks for the pro drivers to perform tricks rarely seen at public events.

3) (Q) Are the RCP mats the same mats seen at home stores and other rc tracks.(A) NO, although our mats are made from similar EVA materials, the two mats are very different. The RCP mat is custom made for RC car usage and the other mats are made for use in exercise rooms, trade show flooring, work area traffic, etc. The RCP mat has a custom racing texture designed into the top surface that is very unique and different than other mats sold throughout the world. The mats can be flipped for a more smooth surface for drivers who prefer a less textured finish.

4) (Q) What size are the tiles. (A) The tiles are 19 1/2" x 19 1/2". A typical lane width using two tiles on the Wide kits measures 34" from inside to inside barrier. The total length from outside to outside barrier is 38 1/2". Installing future blank tiles with allow you to increase the lane width, for more racing room when larger rc cars are used.

5) (Q) Do I have to take the side rails off everytime I store the track. (A) No, you can pull the track apart in sections of four mats and stack them against a flat wall, with the side rails attached.We store our personal tracks in the garage this way.

6) (Q) Have you made any improvements to the tracks and will we see them on new orders. (A) Yes, we have designed a slightly different side rail attaching PIN that will speed up installation time for those that store the track with the side rails removed. We are also going to start printing the finish line on both sides of the track for those that prefer the smooth surface.

7) (Q) Can I interlock the custom off road tiles into the road surface. (A) Yes, they are the same size and have the same interlocking link pattern. You can put objects under the off road tiles to creat jumps, humps and other obstacles for your own off road layout.

8) (Q) I live outside the US and shipping is too high to send tracks overseas. Will they be available outside the US. (A) Yes, we are currently manufacturing some custom tracks and layouts for Kyosho. They will be distributing the RCP Tracks in most countries outside the US in a few months. The Kyosho/RCP Track will feature the Kyosho label on selected side rails and will incorportate the new PIN design and the finish line print on both sides. Kyosho will offer the RCP Track in two sizes. The first size track will be similar to the US size tile and the second track will incorporate a smaller tile design, so larger configurations can be created in limited spaces. The Mini-tile will have a shorter side rail height, which gives the overall mini-tile track, a more open ride. The mini-tile will measure approx. 11 1/2" x 11 1/2". We will offer blank mini-tiles if the user wants to increase the lane width of the mini-tile track.

Please note, that you will not be able to link up 50cm tracks sold by Kyosho Japan and their distributors outside the US. The 50cm tracks sold by Kyosho Japan have an opposite link pattern to those sold in other areas's around the world. Also not that the 30cm tracks sold out of Kyosho Japan are the same as all other tracks around the world with the exception of the rail height beign 5/8" tall from Kyosho Japan compared to 1 1/8" tall in all other parts of the world.

9) (Q) Can I make large layouts with the narrow oval kit and can I combine it with the Wide lane kits.(A) The narrow oval kit was originally designed for the user that wanted a very small track for limited spaces, that would fit on a space similar to a ping pong table. It also was designed for hobby stores to display the track so the public could test the surface without having to set up a large layout. There are limited ways the Narrow Oval can be combined with the Wide Lane kits and we will be posting some tips on how to do this on our website this weekend. There are also some additional ways you can make a simple oval layout more technical and we will be posting pictures of how to do this as well.

10)(Q) If I ask a question on this forum regarding the RCP Tracks system, who is responding to my question.(A) I am very busy during the day with the business and can not spend as much time as I want at the computer. I have a son who has my password and access to this forum site and he knows as much as I do regarding the RCP Track system. He may be able to answer your question faster, since he spends most of his day at the computer.

11)(Q) How do your mats clean up. Do they stain easily. Will dirt and dust make the surface more slippery.(A) These mats are very easily maintained. You can broom or vacuum loose debris and use a damp cloth for stains. Dust is a problem with the smooth side of the track as seen when people use the home store mats for d.i.y. tracks. A little dust makes your car ride as if its on ice. This is not a problem on our RCP textured suface side. The dust collects in the pores of the foam and does not appear to affect the car. Heavy stains like soda pop and similar liquids simply wash away with soap and water, making your track look like it did when it first came out of the box. Although using a small amount of water and soap will help clean stains, do not store your tracks outside in the rain and weather. Bring them in and store them in a sheltered and dry area. Constant exposure to the sun and moisture may allow the interlocking links to shrink, and a tight bond between tiles will be lost.

12)(Q) Can I make bank turns with this track.(A) Yes, although we do not currently offer a bank turn kit, the tiles are very flexible and will bend into a banked position very easily. You can create your own banked turn by installing some thin material like 1/16" ply or plexiglass under the turn sections. Prop the ply or plexi up on the outside edge, allowing the thin supporting material to create a gradual bend from the start of the turn, up to the top of the bank. The mats are thick enough to create a smooth transition at the start of the bank turn.

I will add some more FAQ's if I see that more are needed.

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Overseas RCP-Tracks

Here is a picture of the RCP mini-tile side rails that we are manufacturing for Kyosho and being sold in countries outside the US.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg kyosho-label5.jpg (111.2 KB, 681 views)

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Overseas RCP-Tracks

Here is a picture of the standard size side rails for a comparison in size with the mini-tiles and side rails.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg kyosho-label3.jpg (103.3 KB, 556 views)

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Old 2004.01.24, 05:58 AM   #4
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I'll take better pictures on my next trip.

For a video of a Mini Z running on an RCP Track, go to and click on video # 14
Attached Images
File Type: jpg rcp.jpg (47.1 KB, 462 views)
http://www reflexracing net
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Old 2004.01.24, 05:59 AM   #5
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I just got my camera that time, so the quality isn't as I hope it would be. Better next time.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg rcp2.jpg (52.3 KB, 399 views)
http://www reflexracing net
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Old 2004.01.24, 06:00 AM   #6
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Posts: 2,072
more pics
Attached Images
File Type: jpg rcp3.jpg (55.6 KB, 350 views)
http://www reflexracing net
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Old 2004.01.24, 06:01 AM   #7
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Posts: 2,072
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File Type: jpg rcp5.jpg (58.9 KB, 294 views)
http://www reflexracing net
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Old 2004.01.24, 07:17 PM   #8
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I am thinking of geting one. does it take a long time to get it if i order from hear. do they have to custom make it when an order comes in, i don't want to wait along time after I buy it for it to get to my house.
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Old 2004.01.24, 07:54 PM   #9
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The fact that its "instock" at shows that it does not need to be made -- it will get to your house rather quickely if ordered from the forum... just remember its BIG
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Old 2004.01.24, 07:59 PM   #10
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I ordered mine and had it three days latter. they are a real help with any info and it is a great track. I am going to get another Wide L this week.

Also Where is that track in calif. that motor posted pictures, Northeren or southern???

Thanks Terraz (Brad)
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Old 2004.01.24, 08:07 PM   #11
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i actually got my track 1 day early! the tracking number was nice to have
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Old 2004.01.24, 09:22 PM   #12
RCPMini-z Jr.
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Hello, I can answer your question. Usually an order that is received in the morning , is shipped out the same day. If the order is received after 1:00 PM, it gets shipped out the next day. When I say order, I am talking about the order from Minizracer to RCP-Tracks, Inc. A shipping tracking number will be provided, if requested . A large number of tracks are manufactured each time the factory gets an order from Los Angeles, so a good stock of tracks should always be available for the distributors. I hope that helps.

Terraz, if your talking about Nomotorlimit, the track he posted was at Dansey's Indoor RC in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the same track used for the 2003 Mini-Z Cup Finals. If your talking about someone else or another track, I apologize.

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I recognize that track--it is at Dansey's. I posted a few pictures that I took sometime back.

See also:

Originally posted by TNB
Dansey's Indoor R/C & Hobbies
741 N. Nellis Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89110

25ft. x 16ft. photo of layout

Track Photo Attached
I also have some video at However, it's a members only site. I also had to shorten the video to be able to save it on Yahoo's site.
Gallery TNB

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RCP track barrier question

RCP track barrier question:

What happens when you hit the barrier at a slight angle?
Does it catch and bounce you back into the track?
Or stop you and you have to back up off the barrier.
Or does it just straighten you out like a PVC or hard plastic barrier would do?

Seems like foam with a thin hard plastic cover would absorb the impact and keep you in the race, with out stopping you.

Just curious. Thanks!
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Most of the mini-z racers have a rounded front body. The cars with a rounded front body usually will bounce off the barrier and keep going, with some minimal speed loss, if impact is at slight angles. There are a few Mini-z racers, like the AMG Mercedes CLK and the Warsteiner Mercedes that have a squared off front body. These cars will bounce off the barrier to a stop. Such as the F-1 Series which too has a squared off front end.

Where you really see the track side rail composition come into play, is at racing events. It makes the average race track much more technical. Those that tend to ride the rails, will not have good track times. It really seperates the great racers from the good racers, as seen at the 2003 Mini-Z Cup Event.

You will notice that when you practice with the track, your driving skills will start to improve, since you will learn to drive on the road surface and not the rails. If you have ever attended an RC racing event before, you will notice that the person that finishes first, usually drove the best line.

We are working on developing a special road dome that would attach to the inside rails that would deflect the car up and over the rail if the car cut the corner, similar to real car racing. This road dome would be made out of plastic and be sloped up to a height similar to the rail. The road dome would allow the car to deflect off the rail, thus allowing it to continue on with the race. I don't think a car that drives a tight line should be penalized by having the car stop when cutting the corner slightly. We will have something available for the 2004 Cup Finals and will test it out with some of the best racers in the US.

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