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I too am repeating many if not all the views already said about the New Xmods, but just to chime in...

Radio Shack - What the hell happened? Wait, don't have to say it... "The almighty dollar". What a joke.

The new Xmods prove the higher-ups of corp's are DUMB ASSES. They do not do research - Who knows? Maybe the old Xmods Development Team said to RS, " Hey we've got this prototype next-GEN Xmods that radically improves on the EVO/STREET design. There have been so many R/C & Micro innovations in the last few years, and now they can be incorporated into the Xmods series. The customer base will be there if we can keep prices the same as before".
And Mr. CEO says, "Nahh. We like $$$.. Just $$$ baby. All about the Bens'."

And they gave us this 1/24th -- WTF made them change the scale BTW??? -- P.O.S that doesn't deserve the Xmods name... Bummed? I'm freaking bullsh**.

Kyosho might have went to Chinese manuf. plants to build Mini Z's, but Mini-Z is still a Mini-Z.

I wouldn't know what a Mini-Z is today if it were not for Xmods. This re-release could have sparked so much more than just interest in Xmods again.. Xmods paved the way for Custom Motor building... Now it's slow, but it was SO HOT-ON-FIRE for 5-8 years that the whole Mini-Z scene changed from Xspeed being fast to crazy fast motors on Mini-Zs -- On and off the track. And that is only one example. GPM made a fortune off Xmods.

Thank you to all those who posted pics & reviews. It was really appreciated, seriously. Thank you. Too bad there was so much freakin' BAD NEWS about this product. RS will be going under within 5 years now definitely... IMO, funny thing is.. An Xmods comeback might have helped them a Lot... Now RS might as well be a Cell Phone store for crissakes...
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im with u i would like to see them come out again.Maybe RS wanted to come out with a new scale.The car is not all bad the problem is they should had came out with the awd kit and bearings when the car came out.Also atomic mods just came out with a sick chassis already and more hop ups will come.
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Old 2013.10.30, 09:00 AM   #78
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i hate that RS proves my initial fears were correct. this thing is toy junk. it's really sad in that they took a proven concept which had done well and had a fan base/following and really just flushed it down the toilet in favor of cheap, tun-ability by hacksaw chassis block swaps. i was hoping to be proven wrong but not so...

yes, it's great to see aftermaret support for this platform. i doubt even that will have retail success given by the time you dump all that time, money and effort, your only getting to stock performance levels for hobby quality kits of comparable scale.

i'm with felix2010, it's an utter disappointment.
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it would had been nice with the evo chassis and the new suspension with lipo upgrade.What i can't understand is why radio shack asked us what we wanted and did not do what we said.Also why couldn't they give us a radio with adjustment knobs then this crap they call a radio.If i was RS i would tweaked the evo chassis had flysky make my electronics and had a nice car.Then i would came back out with the ricky dirt bike with the same 2.4 system with the new technology in rc dirt bikes and made money on that.Also don't get me started on the buggy that they sent me it is not even worth giving to my nephew.i guess every one is going to buy the turnigy car

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I'm so excited about mine, I stared at it for a long time last night wondering if I should start designing stuff for it... and then proceeded to list it on craigslist for $40.
My Online Design Studio and Shop!

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Originally Posted by targetingxmod View Post
[IMG]-That is a full GPM and Li-ON xmod with big fat cables... there is a big fail in there... it's using the xmods board which is junk compared to all that alloy. And rims should be alloy and miniz tires to! But is a good looking one!
You know what you are talking about there. I wanted the Front and Rear Deck Carbon Fiber and Black Dish Drift Wheels. Added to that some GP 800's and a new Performance Xmods Modified Motors if not there Atomic Mods would do with a modified Motor.

The Board is the Modified FET Li-Ion was built by

I never got to complete that XMOD but I did run it that way a for a while but never got to the next level with foams.

I would like the Carbon Fiber Front and or Rear Deck to be custom made from Penguin R/C that are much thicker than the standard official.

From studying to dye a type of part I dyed the Drive Gear black with the Ritz Fabric Dye and the Bearings are Ceramic. I only want to take all the GPM Alloy and Anodize it black.

Thank you for the comment.

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Old 2013.11.03, 09:58 AM   #82
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did any body find out what 2.4 system radio shack is using
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Old 2013.11.04, 02:39 PM   #83
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bought another car does any one know when the awd kit is coming out.Also is any one else having steering issues with the lipo upgrade.don't want to put it in my new car.reather just get better AA batteries

here is the new one didn't put all the stickers on and found some head light stickers for it
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg xmod gen 3 003.jpg (54.4 KB, 21 views)

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Anyway...xmods 2013


-Locknuts rims DIY

"not my pics"
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Old 2013.11.14, 09:30 AM   #85
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guess no one came up with bearings yet.Also talked to atomic mods and they said radio shack might have the awd kit out by 2014 that sucks bearings and awd kit should have been the first out
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Old 2013.12.27, 10:44 PM   #86
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Got a new xmod as a gift, pretty happy with it as a base to start with. Id say its the most precise xmod ever out of the box. I like the way the whole chassis comes apart very easily in sections held by just 2 long screws.

One thing I dont like is the controller, it has a smooth plastic wheel and rediculously tight springs for the wheel, if you can drive for 5 mins without tired fingers yuou may have superhuman hands, its like 20 times stiffer than my helios.

As far as scale goes I dont mind 24th at all, no xmod will beat a miniz iin2wd or awd, I could beat my friends for a lttle while in awd with a zmod but once they got their sh#& together it was over. The xmod has always been the hobby car, a challenge to perfect because it was such a tird out of the box but was rugged and had potential. You tune a miniz but not much else, its pretty good out of the box with a few race upgrades.

I do kinda miss real car bodies but nobody was willing to pay for it, radioshack needed to sell xmods for 40 to be worth it, as you know they were often on clearance for much less. These new xmods are like the 98mm of the evos, if they did make real bodies the proportions would only look good for narrow and long cars, a lancer body would have terrible proportions if fitted to these new chassis. Hopefully if these catch on enough aftermarket will make a real car body.

I secretly always wished xmods were bigger for ease of assembly, driving outdoors, and durability. I already have the whiplash chassis from atomic and will put it in with aa lithium cells. Cant wait till awd comes out, I can see this being a fun drifter.
My 1/28s: MR-03, MR-02, MA-010, F1, Overlands, Monsters, Xmod Servo Crawler, Xmod cars very modded
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