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Haha, Im thinking about changing his suit to get rid of Marlboro, and the red, but I dont think I can replicate a helmet as well as Kyosho, so Im stuck with it

LET's Go Racing!
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Always liked the look of these but worried about clipping corners with one. Picked up two F1s on line for $89 recently. Found out I was worried about nothing. The one below is basically stock. Bearings, Atomic bumper, lugnuts, Kyosho 20s R and 30s F installed. Shimmed the rear wheels and polished the king pins. Car is fun. Kind of slow. The other F1 is a Ferrari. It really screams. I need to throw a little more money at it to complete it. Will post pics when its done.

"Necessity is the mother of all invention"
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Old 2009.05.01, 05:01 PM   #33
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Heres the other one. The body is rough, but to me its still sexy. More importantly its hella fun to drive. Its plenty fast and corners flat. Why did I wait so long to get one? I still pucker up when I tag a wall or clip a corner but so far so good.

I should put new tires on, but I'm waiting to see how long i can go before they give up.
"Necessity is the mother of all invention"
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ocean rodeo
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Salem. Don't inhale'em.
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Old 2009.05.09, 03:08 AM   #35
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nice you make me want to get a F-1 too
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Old 2009.06.08, 12:52 AM   #36
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Holy Ferrari

Must be for clearance for the Atomic disc damper with the Atomic motormount. . .

Wait, that doesnt look like an Atomic motormount. . .

Thats because its not.

It may not be the prettiest car, but it can move. The fast lap was 11.0s in stock 2wd MR02 (mine was 11.2s), I pulled an 11.4s lap with this bad boy. Both used the ATM Standard Race USA handout motor. I am going to try to see if I can find the laptimes for my ATM motormount F1 that had the steering lock up and force me to switch to my backup project car that I built last night. I had just received the car from Pinoyboy a couple days ago. There were low entries at the Atomic race for F1, and I wanted to build it up so someone else could race it for the 2nd day of the race. Its a good thing that I did, because I needed it. Running 4 classes, I didnt have time to rebuild the servo assembly, so I went to the backup car, and it was good from the moment it hit the track. No tweak, just too much Virtual Inertia for my driving style. The car also came with grooved front tires on, I normally use slicks, so it is a different driving style. I felt that my other car was more consistent for my driving style. I think this car is best suited for tight layouts, where my ATM mount car with slicks is best suited for flowing tracks. This setup is very planted, my ATM setup for me more is balanced overall. But this was just the test drive for this car.

Parts list:
PN motormount
Atomic DDS plate and standoff
Kawada DDS discs, post and springs
red alloy front suspension travel limiters (dont know what company makes them, found them in the parts bin)
ATM F1 ball diff 64p
ATM Race USA handout motor
2d kyosho knuckles
yellow front sprins
PN 15d front/Kyosho 20d rear tires
Kyosho CF side plate suspension
Bearings, of some sort (dont know, bought used)
Micro RC Syndicate /DG Designs /GSR /Reflex Racing /Fast By Faqish /MurderTown Racing

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Old 2009.08.31, 03:35 PM   #37
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Painted up a body for my new F1 (orange on silver, leftover Nascar decals). Maiden voyage tonight, lol.

One for my buddy (lime green on white).


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Old 2009.09.25, 09:45 PM   #38
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Nice color choice, looks good!
"Necessity is the mother of all invention"
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Spare Parts Racing
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i have always wanted an f1 miniz, maybe its time to get one
Spare Parts Racing
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Old 2009.10.22, 05:17 PM   #40
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Here is mine

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Old 2009.11.11, 05:54 PM   #41
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My first ever F1 car.... and others

This is my very first ever F1 car... Its the AM-SP Limited Schumacher edition (without TX). Everything is straight out of the box except for the Kyosho Ball Differential and PN Speedy 04 motor.

Here are the rest of my collection...
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Old 2009.11.20, 12:27 AM   #42
Salt Lake Mini-Z
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Heres mine that I just finished. Didnt spend a ton of time on it as its for racing, but it had to be yellow and I just used stickers I had laying around and some briankstan gave me. Hopefully the back decal is ok for this thread

Salt Lake Mini-Z
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Old 2010.06.21, 11:27 PM   #43
DJ Eddie!
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Well after return from my 20th Canadian F1GP in last weekend which Hamilton won it for the second time,
I finally caved & picked up a SP Limited of Hamilton's 07 MP4-22 along with my rest of tracked Mini Z collection. Maj's was nice enough to installed my old MR-02's 2.4Ghz ASF board since I upgraded my MR-02 with O3 board. Also end up upgrading w/ Kyosho Ball Diff, Carbon Flexiable Plates & GPM 1 Deg. Knuckles with Stainless King Pins. I originally expected it to be horrible drive in comparing to my MR02 or 03's but I am kind of surprised that it drives and handle pretty good with speed from gearing up the stock Kyosho X-speed motor after the tires started to be broken in on track. So will see how far I will get with this before close to even think about entering an event.
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Returned to Mini-Z
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The cutest F1 ever...

Well, here it is....

The brightest and easiest F1 to spot on any track, the Sanrio F2010!

Pretty much I wanted to make the cutest F1 I could fathom, so I did.

I'll take a picture of the inside later and update the post
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Old 2010.06.30, 11:29 AM   #45
Salt Lake Mini-Z
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That is cute!! Nice job on the paint. Are you going to race with the driver attached? I can see it popping off in a collision or rollover.
Salt Lake Mini-Z
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