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Originally Posted by lfisminiz View Post
I have the Eurus since it came out. I have 03 boards in all my cars (03s, 02s, AWD, F-1). The settings are definitly higher to get the correct steering/throttle to work right.
Good! I am not going crazy.... or am I! Love the feel of the Eurus so far only have about 20 laps on it, but the steering response is amazing. Money well spent!
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Mrs Mini-Z
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Just wanted to mention that for anyone who is in need, we have the Eurus in stock in the shop.
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Originally Posted by WSR View Post

MD (Model Menu)
SELECT - Select the model memory number that you would like to use.

NAME - Create or alter the name for the current model memory that you are using.

COPY - Copy a model memory number to another model #.

RESET - Reset the current model # to factory default settings.

D.P. Format - Format the optional model memory expansion so that you can use it. If it is not plugged in, you won't be able to format. This item is sold as an option.

ST (Steering Menu)
TRIM - Set the trim for the steering to make the car go straight while in operation.

TRAVEL - This setting will allow for the maximum steering movement left to right.

BALANCE - Allows you to set the end points (how far the steering should move) for the left and right. This should be set correctly so that you don't put too much stress on the steering servo and damage it.

SUBTRIM - allows you to center the servo. If you put a servo horn on the servo and it is not at center, you should use this function to get it to center.

TRIMRATE - Allows you to set the rate at which the TRIM will move. Smaller number will create less movement in the trim.

SPEED - Allows you to set the speed at which the servo moves. You can assign two points in the steering throw to set the speed. You can set the turn speed and the return speed for the steering.

PUNCH - Increases the initial movement of the servo from center.

CURVE - Changes the speed of the servo exponentially. Positive number increases the initial reaction, slows the speed as you approach the steering endpoint. Negative number will decrease the initial movement, speed up the speed as you approach the steering endpoint.

REVERSE - Reverse the throw of the steering servo.

DualRate - This is mainly used for oval racing. This is the similar to the Travel & Balance function but an over-ride of the two functions. Once you assign the KEY (either to an ET lever or Button) and set whether you want it to toggle or act as a push button function, you can assign a new Travel and Balance function. So as you are driving you press or push the assigned key and this will over-ride your settings for the current Travel & Balance and use the DualRate settings.

TH (Throttle Menu)
TRIM - Same as the steering trim function but for the throttle.

HPOINT - Sets the throttle end point.

BRAKE - Sets the brake end point.

SUBTRIM - Same as the steering subtrim function but for the throttle.

TRIMRATE - Same as the steering subtrim function but for the throttle.

SPEED - Similar to the steering speed function but for the throttle. You can set three points in the throttle travel to move at different speeds. This is for the initial movement and the return movement.

PUNCH - Same as the steering subtrim function but for the throttle.

CURVE - Same as the steering subtrim function but for the throttle.

REVERSE - Same as the steering subtrim function but for the throttle.

NutBrake - Allows you to set up neutral brake (or drag brake) for the throttle. You will have to assign this to a key and set the action to be push or toggle.

AutoStart - Allows you to set up the throttle to a preset position once the trigger reaches the set % of the throttle trigger movement. Can be set for electric cars for a quick start.

ABS - Allows you to set a pulse action to the brakes for better braking.

ACCEL - Allows you to set up pulse to the throttle.

IDEL UP - When assigned to a key, will allow you to move the throttle forward or back. Mainly used for gas cars.

OP (Option Menu)
CH3 & CH4 - Allows you to set mixing of the steering or throttle to either channel or set positions for these channels.

RSP - Response modes that you can set the transmitter to NORM (Normal) is the slowest response (8.0ms), HSP (High Speed) is the next fastest response (6.0ms) and ADV (Advanced) is the fastest response (4.0ms). When a non-digital module is connected the response speeds are slower. The digital mini-Z module speed is fixed and can not be altered. The non-digital mini-Z module will allow you to change the response speeds but will not be faster then the digital module, only slower.

[INPUT] with sub functions
Setup - Allows you to check and assign the ET levers and buttons to any function that you want.

AdjustVR - This is to reset and calibrate the potention meters (steering & throttle) in the transmitter. Volume refers to the volume restister or potention meter.

AutoRep - change the LCD scrolling speed.

PowAlrm - set the alarm if the transmitter is not used for X minutes. Good reminder if you left your transmitter on.

LED - Assign LED to flash when certain functions are being used.

CONTRAST - Adjust the LCD contrast

B.Light - Set the LCD backlight

Title - Display a function in the first menu screen
[ ] - If a digital module is inserted, the module will be displayed. Non-digital module will be left blank.

Buzzer - Assign a sound to a function.

CustomTone - Create your own sound or ring tone.

StopWatch - Stop watch feature.

Down Timer - Count down timer function to let you know if your runtime is finished.

If you are using this for the 2.4GHz mini-Z, you should use the settings that are posted. These are recommended for all 2.4GHz mini-Z's and is a good starting point. Not all mini-Z's will be the same due to the servo and motor used.
I just got the Eurus and am in love with it. It made the Mini Zs so much better. Almost getting 2-3 extra laps per race.
Does the ABS feature work on a Mini Z.
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It does work. Not sure if you really need it. The little i use brakes...i just make sure that when i use the brakes the car stays fairly streight, not fish tail or squerm.

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Mike Keely
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I am having a issue with the reverse on my 03. I have 5 of these cars and my Box Stock car is the only one with this issue. If I get stuck I can hit the throttle 20 times forward and it will never go in reverse. If I count one thousand one, one thousand to, one thousand three and then hit it forward it will go into reverse everytime. I have messed with the subtrim in both directions and nothing seems to help. I have tried to mess with settings using the setting card and that does not seem to help. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance!!!
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Got an 02 board in that 03? Is what you are describing similar to the reverse delay on the 02s?
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Mike Keely
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No, it is a 03
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Though throttle sub trim should do the same job, you could still try to use the throttle trim as follows. First centre the sub trim.

Highpoint 85, break 30 all other throttle settings default. Set throttle trim so that the wheels just start to spin forward, now count the clicks and set the throttle trim so that the wheels start to spin backwards. Divide that by 2 and apply that amount of clicks forward. Now the neutral is centred.

If this does not help, then the problem is likely the ICS settings or broken electronics on the car. If I remember correctly there is a break delay setting
on ICS, set that to minimum. You could also try the neutral range to medium.

I hope this helps.

BTW. I do not like mush the Eurus user manual, but K.I.Y user manual is very good and helpful also for Eurus. The K.I.Y manual explains well how the different settings affect the handling of the car.
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Mike Keely
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I will give it a try. Thanks for the help.
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