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Old 2012.02.21, 06:31 PM   #1
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Top 5 best Autoscale bodies for racing?

If you had to nominate the top 5 best choices of Autoscale bodies for racing, which would they be?

While you're at it you might nominate your worst bodies just for giggles.
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Old 2012.02.21, 06:56 PM   #2
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best based on what i see on the track:
ferrari f430 gt
ferrari 360 gtc
lexus sc430

5th place is akward given it could be the sc430, HSV, c5-r...
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Old 2012.02.21, 07:01 PM   #3
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Tough one,

Big Mac
05' 350Z (my favorite)
Ferrari F430 gt
ferrari 360 gtc
07' NSX

Althought I agree the Mosler is a better all around body, is it considered an AutoScale body?

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Old 2012.02.21, 07:03 PM   #4
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if its available as a finished body with wheels, yes. i consider it an autoscale. either way, you always see moslers on the track. i don't care for it myself but you see them everywhere.
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Old 2012.02.21, 09:49 PM   #5
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Body performance depends a lot on the track layout as well as overall car speed; the only absolute best I can declare at the moment is the Mosler IMO. It just tends to work for most track layouts and traction levels, and for a wide range of motor power as well. If only it were an AutoScale.

1*. MT900 (not ASC though...)

For Kyosho bodies the 599XX is the most versatile, but has a pushy characteristic so its absolute speed isn't as great as some other bodies, depending on conditions.

Low grip/low speed:
1. Ferrari F430GT
2. Ferrari 599XX
3. Lexus SC430 Super GT
4. Ferrari 360GTC
5. Chevrolet C5-R

High grip/high speed:
1. Ferrari 599XX
2. Honda HSV-010 Super GT* (needs some kind of front bumper)
3. Nissan GT-R Super GT* (needs some kind of front bumper)
4. Ferrari 360GTC
5. Lexus SC430 Super GT

Individual preferences and characteristics of bodies will change your personal ranking though. For instance, the HSV has so much more corner speed than the 599 that the only reason why the 599 wins is because it's better off the walls. On a track where wall handling is unimportant (such as on carpet with wood rails) and there's decent traction and speed, the HSV will handily trump the 599. On some tracks (RCX 2011), the SC430 will also handily trump the F430GT due to the types of corners that are on the track -- fast switchbacks and chicanes will favor the SC430 while slow corners will favor the F430.
Brian Ma

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Old 2012.02.21, 11:25 PM   #6
DJ Eddie!
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Best 5:
Ferrari F360GTC
Ferrari F360 Modena
Ferrari F599XX
Ferrari F430GT
Honda HSV-010

Worst :
Mclaren GTR Longtail
Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV
MRX Mclaren MP-12CGT3 PN 43T LIPO: X2
MR-03 Mclaren MP-12CGT3 AT70T
PN 2.5 Mclaren MP-12CGT3 PN50T
MR-03 S2K Narrow AT60T Nihm
MR-03 BRZ Narrow PN70T Nihm
MR-03 Enzo Ferrari GT Concept Xspeed SP2012
MR-03VE 2005 NSXGT AT 12000KV w/Lipo
MR-02 Nissan R390 GT Lemans 39T PN
AMZ Benz TC 8500KV
X Power IDT Ultra 5600KV Audi
X Power IMT Ultra 6800KV M3
MB-010 FT86 Comic Racer 39T PN
MF-015 Mclaren MP4-25 50T w/Lipo PN
MR-01 Mugen NSX-GT 02 X Speed Retired

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Old 2012.02.22, 12:33 AM   #7
PN RacingTEAM Driver
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1)mosler (won the tekin nats) (swept the podium at the pnwc world finals)
2)599 (swept the podium @ the kogp)
3)mclaren gtr (long)(won rcx with this body )
never raced any other body aside from the plastic PN pancar and the PN lexan
so thats it!

Grant "Yasuji" Matsushima

PN Racing Team Driver

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Old 2012.12.20, 10:11 AM   #8
Autoscale fan
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Location: Brussels, Belgium
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Supra 2003
Corvette C5R

Never tried HSV010, 599XX nor Mosler because I stopped racing long time ago
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Old 2012.12.20, 11:31 AM   #9
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Out of my collection:


Ferrari 599
Mazda 787B (in 98mm)
Corvette C5
Lamborghini Murcielago (not the newer one)
Ferrari 360GTC


Original Teile Benz (it'd make me sick to see one of these out on the track)
Audi A4 (don't expect it to last more than 3 crashes)
Porsche 962 (same as above... unless you reinforce the hell out of it!)
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Old 2013.02.06, 03:49 AM   #10
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anybody else for best and worst?

haven't done any racing in a long time... and when i did... the best body was the clk, and the corvette (which was just released at the time)

i guess now it's the audi r8... don't have them but i've read that it's the bomb... anybody try ferrari 458?

worst? the vitz... 90mm high mount narrow rims... but its so fun and challenging setting it up and racing it...
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Old 2013.02.06, 05:22 AM   #11
Autoscale fan
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I think the Lan Evo VI and the Impreza 22b Sti can enter the contest of worst racing bodies.
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Old 2013.02.06, 05:49 AM   #12
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My personal all-time favorite is the Enzo. It is really predictable (and pretty fast) on all tracks I ever went with minor setup changes necessary for the last 5 or more years.

For me on P2-P4:
Audi R8 (really good body; fast, excellent cornering)
HSV (imho only slightly inferior to the R8)
Mosler (preferably in expert classes; in the list though not 100% an Autoscale)

For P5 I will just add some great bodies I successfully raced too:
911 GT1 (great 90mm body when needed)
360 Modena & Corvette C5 (loved them on the MR-01 back in the days)

As for the worst; never had that body but it looked really bad when driven at our track:
Chrysler 300
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[ my TX: EX-6 ]
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Old 2013.02.06, 06:36 AM   #13
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since the best seem to be rather similar i'll add to the worst:
Mercedes CLK
Ford Mustang
Mercedes G35 (overland, when those were raced)
Fiat 500
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Old 2013.02.06, 08:32 AM   #14
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Posts: 381
I'm personally now in love w/ the

Mini Mc - like running a smaller wheel base but not having to change the wheel base

HSV - like being able to run wide wheels

Big Mc - handles, to me, like a small car with big car smooth transitions. only reason i dont run it right now is because of a broken body clip

only body i havent like running is the 599, so i'm surprised when i saw it in people's top 5, but a friend of mine is running my 599 now and loves it so...opinions are subjective, but i know it didnt suit my driving style much

drunk driving is not cool, unless it's with Mini-Z's.
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Old 2013.02.06, 11:36 AM   #15
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For me personally:

1. Audi R8
2. McLaren F1 GTR (Not longtail)
3. Mazda 787B (lightened rear end)
4. Enzo (with Atomic rear wing)
5. 360GTC

From use at my track/shop:

1. Audi R8
2. Tie between Mazda 787B and Sauber C9
3. Tie between Ferrari 458GT and 599xx
4. Tie between Lexus SC430 and Honda HSV
5. Nissan GTR
Mini-Car Club of Canada (MC3)
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